Life is a four-lettered word
It contains a truck- no wait, a thousands of Earths of everything

What I mean is that life,
Even being such a diminutive word,

Is enormous, gigantic, vivid
No utterance in human literature or science
Can ever decipher this masterpiece

You know what I find momentous about life?
You can compare it with anything
And the most illuminating part is
The simplicity it contains, of all the complexities it can ever conceive

If you lay down beneath the stars
You realize how squat you are
And you perceive, how
The superfluous stars are bonded together

In science it is gravity, atoms, quantum mechanics
The containment of particles, matter;
In literature it is just the way it is
They’re labeled as heavenly

To me they symbolize how ubiquitous life is
The bonds indicate love and harmony
The invisible bonds; that are ever so prominent

If only people could see beyond what they arbitrate;
They would realize it is the earliest phenomenon ever took place,
When the universe was an infant itself

If only people would grasp its offering
If only they would not discriminate
If only they accept all the ups and downs,
If only they would cherish it un-reluctantly

I swear to the Divine God,
None of the suffering would have occurred
None of his creations would have had to conceive Satan’s aspirations
We still would be like the stars …