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Thread: Paradise is one drug away {4/24}

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    Paradise is one drug away {4/24}

    I’m having a dream where there is land flowing with milk and honey,
    The floor is candy and the trees are made of candy canes,
    And the bushes was made of Drooze
    Water falls are thick brown chocolate, seems never ending,
    Birds are flying pieces of meat, and the animals are all steaks,
    I had to be dreaming because I swear I was in heaven,
    I pinch my self on the arm… “OUCH!”
    Now I know I’m not dreaming, where am I?
    Suddenly everything goes black, I see my eyes opening,
    “Oh good he’s awake!” I’m wondering what is going on,
    I am in the hospital wing with an IV in my veins,
    “What is this?” I ask, the doctor says,
    “You took much Drooze and overdosed”
    I guess Paradise really is one Drooze away


    Drooze is a drugs(weed, alchahol etc.)

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    Re: Paradise is one drug away {4/24}

    Nice poem it started off making want candy then it got serious cause someone overdosed on drugs. I hope it helps other people to think twice before overdosing themselves.
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