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    Rules and Guidelines

    PotW Rules and Guidelines

    Do to popular demand, AO has one more thing to offer! The rules and guidelines for this weekly competition:

    *This is not a "themed" contest. Your creativity has freedom.
    *A total of 1 poem will be chosen each day, for the 5 main days of a week.
    *A member can only post one poem a day.
    *Judging will be completed on Saturday and the winner will be announced on Sunday.
    *Post all entries for that week with the date displayed like this: Title{mm/dd}
    *And repeat!

    Myself, Chiefblackhammer, and Soldat of Life will be your judges. You must submit an entry that you have written. And your entry must not have been posted on AO at all.

    The first POTW shall begin on: 4/22 and end on 4/27.
    Remember, to have fun and enjoy what you're writing.

    Please abide my the same forum rules found in Any violaters will be dealt with properly.
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