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Thread: Solitary Space {05/10}

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    Solitary Space {05/10}

    Solitary Space

    Whispering voices usher through the breeze
    Hear the rustling leaves in the lovely scarlet sky
    I trace back the forgotten, buried memories

    Melody strung from beneath the window
    Played by a series of instruments in harmony
    Creating a soft, calm mood in the atmosphere

    Drawn to the source of the glowing light
    Twinkling ever so slightly when it flickers
    Stars of golden streak bursting to reveal

    My mind feed with thoughts of appreciation
    To the world that provided such tiny joys
    In the littlest things that existed in our fragile lives

    Bringing our lives at ease even for a second
    From all the burden, letting it all go
    Being able to breathe for awhile, to live

    Tightening my eyes, I let my mind wander
    To a far away place, somewhere that leads to peace
    Where no one can disturb me from perfect solitary

    Levitating from everything else that holds me back
    Holding on to the beautiful parts that makes me whole
    A space of my own, just me, myself, and the world

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    Re: Solitary Space {05/10}

    Such a peaceful poem. This is such a beautiful poem as well. (Dancing) I hope to see more of you amazing poem!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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