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Thread: Yesterday...(04/24)

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    As the night shadows fall,
    things were once a good day,
    ...but that was yesterday
    At a once good place to laugh and play,
    ...but that was yesterday,
    The wire came in,
    I was gone you need to be here,
    ...but that was yesterday,
    Now I stand within a mile of home,
    yesterday was the day,
    oh, that was yesterday,
    the empty shadows fell,
    that was just today,
    completely different from what was yesterday,
    but alas...
    that was yesterday,
    just another day,
    but that was yesterday...
    I've seen all you here before at the rise and the fall, lets go down and ring the bell at the Levity Ball.

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    Re: Yesterday...(04/24)

    Nice poem but everything had to yesterday. Oh well keep up the good work. You RULE!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: Yesterday...(04/24)

    Hmm, gives me the impression that somebody rarely has a good day.
    Paragraphs could be used, and well done ^_^

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    Re: Yesterday...(04/24)

    Nice poem eventhough everything was based on what happened yesturday. Keep up the good work.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
    Made for me by HolderofTheDarkChalice
    Thanks so much I love it!

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