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Thread: You are reading this too fast{4/23}

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    You are reading this too fast{4/23}

    You are reading this too fast.
    Slow down, for this is poetry
    and poetry works slowly.
    Unless you live with it a while
    the spirit will never descend.
    It's so easy to quickly cut across the surface
    and then claim there was nothing to find.
    Thouch the poem gently with your eyes
    just as you would touch a lover's flesh.
    Poetry is an exercise in patience,
    you must wait for it to come to you.
    The spirit manifests in many guises;
    some quiver with beauty,
    some vibrate with song.
    What is happening?
    Slow down, slow down,
    take a few deep breaths,
    read the poem slowly,
    read the lines one at the time,
    read the words one by one,
    read the spaces between the words,
    get sleepy, this is poetry,
    relax until your heart
    is vulnerable, open open.
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    Re: You are reading this too fast {04/23}

    I like it... ^_^ I never thought that I would come to like poetry... but for some reason I just can't read enough of it on here... I really like it... so do you write poetry alot???

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