Want to play the RPG but for some reason are unable to? Well, ask yourself a couple questions:

1. Am I at least a Community Member? (250 posts) If yes, see 2.
2. Have I made at least 1 quality post in the past 24 hours? If no, then there you go.

Seriously, this is stated in the Rules of Anime Online. If you need a direct link, here you go: Anime Online - FAQ: RPG Inferno

Why do we do this? Simple, we're an Anime community first and foremost. The extras on this site are there for people who have contributed to the community and EARNED the right to use them. If it was not done this way people would just come here to use the RPG and not even post on the forum at all.

That is all, enjoy. Oh, and if you spam to get to 250 posts so that you can play the RPG you'll just end up getting banned sooner or later and won't be able to play anyway.