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    Official Storm Hawks Anime

    Storm Hawks, the latest action series to premiere on Cartoon Network, depicts the adventures of five mismatched teens as they struggle to defend their people from an evil empire. These young Storm Hawks are armed with transforming flying motorcycles as they fight some of the nastiest villains ever to hit the skies.

    Initial Screening

    Storm Hawks started airing Mondays from June 4, 2007 as part of the Cartoon Network's summer programming line-up where new episodes of hit shows premiere every Monday - Thursday at 7 pm. (ET, PT).


    ATMOS - A thousand spectacular mountaintop TERRAS, separated by vast oceans of mysterious clouds. Each Terra defines itself as a unique realm with its own inhabitants, culture and eco-system.

    • Creator: Asaph Fipke
    • Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Comedy.
    • Episodes:: 29

    Season 1
    Episode 1: Age of Heroes, The, Part 1
    Episode 2: Age of Heroes, The, Part 2
    Episode 3: Gale Force Winds
    Episode 4: The Code
    Episode 5: Tranquility Now
    Episode 6: Best Friends Forever
    Episode 7: The Black Gorge
    Episode 8: Absolute Power
    Episode 9: Velocity
    Episode 10: Fire and Ice
    Episode 11: King for a Day
    Episode 12: Terra Deep
    Episode 13: Storm Warning
    Episode 14: A Little Trouble
    Episode 15: Thunder Run
    Episode 16: Escape!
    Episode 17: Forbidden City
    Episode 18: Leviathan
    Episode 19: Infinnity
    Episode 20: Terra Neon
    Episode 21: The Storm Hawks Seven
    Episode 22: Talon Academy
    Episode 23: Siren's Song
    Episode 24: Calling All Domos
    Episode 25: The Lesson
    Episode 26: Dude, Where's My Condor
    Episode 27: The Masked Masher
    Episode 28: Almos, Most Wanted
    Episode 29: Stratosphere
    The Story

    No Sky Knight squadron was more legendary than the Storm Hawks, but that was before they were defeated by the evil forces of Cyclonia. Now the newly assembled Storm Hawks squad, Aerrow, Radarr, Piper, Junko, Stork and Finn, will send anyone who dares try and clip their wings into a serious tailspin. Too young to have fear (or a pilot's license), the new Storm Hawks are burning rubber and cracking rudders on an adventure that will take your breath away, or just make you lose your lunch. From the gnarly waves of Tropica to the snow-peaked mountains of Blizzaris, who knew that a dangerous quest could be this much fun?

    Main Characters:

    Squadron: The Storm Hawks
    Vehicle: Air Skimmer III Ultra
    Weapon: Energy Blades
    Sky Knight
    Wiry, strong, and fast as lightning. At age 14 Aerrow is already one of the most gifted Sky Knights in the Atmos. As leader of the Storm Hawks, he's fearless and perpetually positive no matter how deep a vortex he gets his team into! He's an exceptionally brave and daring flyer, constantly pushing his Air Skimmer far beyond the limits suggested in the flight manual.

    Squadron: The Red Eagles
    Vehicle: Air Skimmer III Ultra
    Weapon: Energy Sword
    Sky Knight
    Leader of the Red Eagles, widely considered to be the best Sky Knight squadron in the entire Atmos. Carver and his squadron are charged with protecting the terra of Atmosia, home to the influential Sky Knight council, and resting place of the powerful Aurora Stone.

    Dark Ace
    Squadron: The Cyclonian Talons
    Vehicle: Talon Switchblade Elite
    Weapon: Energy Blade
    Commander of the Cyclonian Talons
    Infamous and feared, the Dark Ace is cunning, deadly and bad to the bone. As Master Cyclonis' chosen champion, he is stoic and fearless, and has never lost a duel. He has sworn to destroy those little punk Storm Hawks.

    Squadron: The Storm Hawks
    Vehicle: Air Skimmer III
    Weapon: Energy Crossbow
    A crack shot with an energy gun or crossbow, Finn's the perfect wing-man... and kind of an annoying braggart! He wants you to know that he's THE most important person on the team. He thinks he's an amazing pilot (passable), an expert at hand-to-hand combat (never practices) and an impressive ladies-man (are you kidding me?!). But when his ego's put aside, his expertise in sniffing out danger-or anything resembling hard work-has gotten the Storm Hawks out of a lot of tight spots.

    Squadron: The Storm Hawks
    Vehicle: Air Skimmer III EL
    Weapon: Energy Knuckle Busters
    Mechanic/heavy ballistics
    Not wanting to be just another hot-headed Wallop (carrying a big wrench and smashing things) Junko aspires to be refined and zen. In fact, he was often picked on as a young Wallop for being such a wuss.until he received his family heirlooms, The Energy Knuckle Busters! With these on, Junko becomes the most powerful Wallop in the Atmos! Because sometimes heavy machinery needs fixing, baddies need to be clobbered and doors need to be smashed. With the Busters on, Junco's a natural for the job - even if he finds it so darn. mean.

    Master Cyclonis
    Squadron: The Cyclonian Talons
    Weapon: Energy Staff, Storm Engine
    Leader of the Cyclonian Empire
    Diabolically intelligent and a master of crystal transformations, the Queen of Cyclonia is hell-bent on extending her new kingdom by force. Extremely paranoid, she only trusts her shadowy henchman, the Dark Ace. Her Talon thugs are in constant fear of falling into her disapproval, which happens a lot.

    Squadron: The Storm Hawks
    Vehicle: Heliscooter
    Weapon: Energy Staff
    First officer/navigator/crystal expert

    Speaks five languages, loves to sketch and knows eight ways to make a surly Torka Beast fall asleep. The team's stealth agent, Piper loves nothing better than coming up with the Most! Perfect! Plan! Ever! She's also always been fascinated with crystals and the difficult art of transforming raw crystals into more refined and useful ones, like a nimbus crystal (creates a handy cloud cover). She has a rare talent, and loves to spend hours tinkering in her lab.

    Squadron: The Storm Hawks
    Weapon: Wrenches, chickens, whatever he can throw
    Aerrow's faithful companion, co-pilot and butt-protector. On the not-so-rare occasions that Aerrow pushes things too far, Radarr is always there to bail him out. Radarr is often confused with being Aerrow's dog.or rabbit.or.well, we're not really sure what he is. But be forewarned: Don't make the mistake of calling him a pet. He REALLY hates that!

    Squadron: The Cyclonian Talons
    Vehicle: Talon Switchblade Elite
    Weapon: Energy Bow and Arrow
    Leader of the Cyclonian Talons: Bluster Chapter
    An uptight perfectionist control freak, prone to fits of rage if her orders are not adhered to precisely. She is a skilled flyer, a champion archer, and a wicked violinist. Presiding over the conquered terra of Bluster, Ravess sends chills through the hearts of all who enter her airspace.

    Squadron: The Raptors
    Vehicle: Bone Wing
    Weapon: Energy Boomerang
    Leader of the Raptors
    Considered nasty and bitter even amongst his own kind, he is a seasoned hunter, cunning, patient and driven. His greatest liabilities are his cold-blooded metabolism and his penchant for backstabbing.

    Squadron: The Cyclonian Talons
    Vehicle: Talon Heli-blade Elite
    Weapon: Energy Mace
    Cyclonian Talon Leader: Nimbus Chapter
    A gluttonous slob who showers himself in opulence, while his subjects slave away in abject poverty. Though Snipe's flying skills lag behind those of his sister Ravess, he makes up for it with brute strength in battle.

    Squadron: The Interceptors
    Vehicle: Slip-Wing Fighter Ultra
    Weapon: Nunchucks
    Sky Knight
    Starling was the Sky Knight of her squadron The Interceptors of Terra Mesa until a tragic battle brought them down. Now she's a lone wolf. Friends? "Don't need 'em," she always says. But that's because deep down she can't bear the thought of losing them again. For now, Starling can be considered a part-time Storm Hawk. She doesn't buy into all that heroic mumbo jumbo, but she can (almost) always be counted on in a jam. More than a few times she's shown up just at the right moment with a crucial piece of information, or to help in a particularly gruesome dogfight. Starling has learned to be a master of disguises, capable of infiltrating the most powerful circles.

    Squadron: The Storm Hawks
    Vehicle: The Condor
    Gadget specialist/Condor pilot
    A strange but gifted pilot, Stork's a pretty typical Merb-he's petrified of going outside, and has calculated to the final decimal the odds of any potential calamity (and the likelihood of suffering a horrible death from it). In his free time, Stork is usually found inventing various surveillance devices and bizarre anti-death gadgets. Some are useful, like telescopic peepers that see through solid objects (Stork designed them to detect brain tumors). Others are just plain wacko, like the anti-falling meteor device he designed for Piper's daily deck jogs.

    Official Storm Hawks Websites:

    Storm Hawks Official Site (. : Stormhawks : .)
    Stormhawkers Fan Site (STORMHAWKERS!)
    Cartoon Network Page (Storm Hawks | Cartoon Network)

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