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Thread: Why did Storm Hawaks go of air?!?

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    Question Why did Storm Hawaks go of air?!?

    ~~Ok! This was first shocking to me..I loved watching Storm Hawks! But,I kinda lost track of it.I'm thinking that the story of the show was finish,but idk.Can anyone give me some info about it?? ~~sorry for the mispelling of hawks.^^;
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    Re: Why did Storm Hawaks go of air?!?

    At first i thought of it as the first season ending. But as the months rolled on, i started thinking of other possibilities.

    I think that it ended because it wasn't going anywhere. There was a main plot, but it was ignored to a point where every episode was like its own show, not a linear progression with a few pit stops here and there.

    I will admit, i am pretty bummed. I personally loved the show and actually fully related to the character Stork, who tends to think on the negative side of life.
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    Re: Why did Storm Hawaks go of air?!?

    Storm Hawks used to be my favorite show but i think the reason why it went off the air was because every episode was the same as the last like neo said there wasnt any progression during the series so after awhile it became boring to watch, so ratings probably went down..and they cut the show off or just put it on early in the morning on some networks.
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    Re: Why did Storm Hawaks go of air?!?

    It came back on the air in Canada. YTV started airing the second season, they're up to ep 39 ATM

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