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Thread: Art work assistance needed for a manga/anime project!

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    Lightbulb Art work assistance needed for a manga/anime project!

    Since 2005, I have been creating comics with extremely poor art design and decent story-lining (all done by me alone). After many years of revamping and two series later things didn't improve except for deeper story-lining. I had halted production of any thing if mine in 2009 and hadn't picked it up since. Now, I started putting together something that is definitely not comics anymore. After a year or so of just rewriting a totally new story and adding many new creative ideas, I think I might have something really good now. My original thought was to begin writing a manga series, but I remembered something. My drawing has never been really good, and it declined around the time I stopped making the comics. So my idea was mainly focus on the story and let someone new and imaginative develop the art specifically on character design (I'm very good with inanimate objects but totally lack in character design). At this time, I've developed almost half of the story, but the way it's being organized, it almost looks like a anime series at this point. The new ideas I have created could really make this thing take off (or so I think). I'm more specifically looking for Avatar: The last airbender fans that could help with art. This series is an avatar spin off type of project. But there's so many new aspects that it almost makes it boarderline original. This series is based on real life people that I have in my life and some fictional ones as well. I'm even in it lol. So I want some of them to look similar to how the people really look. (If you want to more about it go to The Story - Waves: The Manga ). If anyone would want to try to make this happen, message me and I'll give you my email.

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    Re: Art work assistance needed for a manga/anime project!

    may I see your previous work if you don't mind? you can PM them to me

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