Well, I thought I should at least post this here since I'm in need of a reader or two to look through my cartoon-like/motion-comic-ish/storyboardish/watchamacallit thing...

After taking a lot of feedback, I've improved Episode 1, mostly Episode 1 Part 1 of 3. The goal is still a kind of nanowrimo thing, where I try and finish and draw all 78 episodes in 2 more years time.

To keep the topic short I'm just going to post up a couple points with screenshots, with samples on youtube:

- Here is the improved version of Episode 1 Part 1 of 3 on Youtube:
YouTube - Astralojia - Episode 1 Part 1 of 3

Here are some screenshots of the improvements for Episode 1 Part 1 of 3:

- Here are some of the details on the improvements for Ep1 P1:
1. There are only 3 pictures left that use stick figures
2. Ep1 P2+'s improvements haven't been uploaded yet. I'm going to update this topic when I upload Ep1 P2 and Ep1 P3's improved versions.

I have to thank anyone that reads/watches the thingamabobajigger as it is right now. I am rushing through episode 8, now, but that doesn't mean I'm not working to improve the episodes I've already got out. For more info on the project, there's a website, which I won't post here.

At the moment I'm looking for just one person that might watch all of the 7 episodes through. I know it's very scratchy (there's definitely improvement that could be used everywhere), but I promise you that the story picks up and the art does improve as it goes. I've made sure that the music and SFX are top quality as well.

Looking at it at another angle, I'm always looking for feedback: mainly the scenes that absolutely are the most unattractive overall, and the scenes and techniques that work to make it much more attractive with as little effort as possible. For example, I am starting to fill in the first 1-3 shots of every scene (mostly establishing shots) so that you never go like "uh....where are we again...?".