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Thread: Building Website

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    Building Website

    *link removed* love building websites, but correct coding and cross browser verifications drive them nuts. My sites look ok, but I would rather they look fantastic! I was one of the lucky slobs that got to try the Site Rubix website builder early. Holy Smokes! I'll never go back to any of the other website builders I've ever downloaded or bought again.

    The speed and ease of use are unlike anything I've ever seen before. What really sold me is the fact that I'll never have to stop and look up how to code something again. That one single factor is such a time saver for me personally.

    The Site Rubix website builder even does drag and drop of videos, so you can forget about learning the right HTML code to embed videos into your websites. And so long to cropping and resizing photos with a Photoshop type tool. Site Rubix does it for you without having to change programs. How cool is that? It's cool for me because I'm not very good at getting the right size image I want for my site. The Site Rubix website builder has more built in time savers than I have room to discuss here, but I can tell you it will change the way you build your websites.
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    Re: Building Website

    What program or programs fo you use?

    I work as a web designer and I know how you feel?

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    Re: Building Website

    They may love building websites, but I love Shutting threads like this down because they're SPAM!

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