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Thread: calling all artists

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    Talking calling all artists

    hello my good friend! i am here to talk about every ones fan art or own art. me my self i dew both i draw other peopls art and my my own but back to this i am looking for other people to show off ther art to the site!!! this site shut down my other thred'my drawings' -_-* which im still mad about because it was for a resun unherd of if u ask me lol but i want every one and i mean every one that draws to show off your art!! all art is welcome no art is to bad for me i will complament every thing!!!!

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    Re: calling all artists

    Your previous thread was closed down because there was no need for it.

    You want feedbacks and comments on your art? Than upload them to the gallery and look for people to give feedback and comments there, that's the whole purpose to the comment function of the gallery.

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