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Thread: Contributing to the Scan Gallery

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    Contributing to the Scan Gallery

    There seems to be a great deal of confusion reguarding the scan gallery, it's purpose and it's rules... OF COURSE we want as many contributions as possible! But a "contribution" is not the same as an "upload".


    The scan gallery is designed as a resource for wallers, graphic designers, sig-makers etc. Images should be of high enough quality to manipulate and resize without looking like crap. Images should be easy to find through the search feature: so that those looking to work with images of a particular series, theme or character can easily access what they're after.


    The scan gallery is NOT an image collection dump! The idea is to provide as much UNIQUE and USABLE material as possible: not the most/prettiest pictures. It is not meant to be an exact copy of other walling sites' scan galleries, nor is it meant to host others' fanart, wallpapers or scans without permission.


    Scans over 600x800 pixels that you have scanned, cleaned or manipulated yourself. High-quality images from free-use sites (sites that do NOT expressly prohibit reposting) are also welcome but ONLY if they are tag-free and clearly credited with their site of origin in the image description. Clear titles and concise tags including the series of origin, character names, and/or descriptive elements should accompany each image.


    • -images under 600x800 pixels
    • -grainy, pixelated, muddy, blurry or indcredibly low resolution images
    • -images with tags from other sites (these sites have been tagged to DETER theft, please do not post them here)
    • -pornography (even softcore)... lingere, topless shots, naked butts, cameltoe, and other sexually suggestive images go in the "ecchi" gallery
    • -wallpapers (others' should not be reposted at all, your own belong in the "Wallpapers" gallery)
    • -fanart (others' should not be reposted at all, your own belong in the "fanart" gallery)
    • -images over 3mb are not supported by AO's server and will be auto-rejected (large images can be resized or lowered slightly in quality to fit within the limits)
    • -Game CG (screencaptures of bishoujo and BL games belong in the "Game CG" gallery)


    • - Scanning is the act of using a scanner to aquire a digital copy of a real-life image (from a magazine, DVD cover, poster etc.)
    • - Would-be scanners will need to aquire and install a flatbed scanner... lower-end models can be purchased for as low as $50 and will come with an image editing program.
    • - You will need to crop, rotate and resize your images to fit AO's size guidelines. You do NOT need to clean or repair your own scans if you don't want to!! Just make sure they are right-side up, don't contain large blank areas and conform to AO's image size policy (over 600x800 and under 3mb).
    • - If you know the source information (and if you're scanning your own material, you probably do): please include that information in the image description as well.



    • -anime DVD, CD, video covers
    • -manga covers
    • -image-heavy pages of anime magazines (Newtype, Protoculture Addicts)
    • -Anime flyers or advertisements
    • -artbooks

    + IN JAPAN +

    • -bishoujo/BL game flyers/free papers (available for free at game shops)
    • -anime/drama cd flyers (available free at anime shops)
    • -Anime/manga magazines (Animage, Animedia, Newtype, Megami, Phash, Comikers etc.)
    • -DVD/game/manga/cd/video covers
    • -shitajiki/clearfiles/laminated cards
    • -artbooks

    ~dodgy publications (often considered rude to scan and may be removed at the request of the artists, but not necesarily off-limits)~
    • - doujinshi (on the grounds that it is fanart)
    • - Fanroad magazine (on the grounds that it is all fan-work inside)


    Unless you have created an image yourself featuring only original characters, you are breaking copyright in duplicating material without the express permission from the image's copyright-holder. Know that you bear sole responsiblity in uploading copyright images.

    • Female Scans - scans containing ONLY female characters
    • Male Scans - scans containing ONLY male characters
    • Group Scans - scans containing male AND female characters
    • ambiguous-gendered animals, mechs, etc can be put in the "Group Scans" gallery for the time being.


    Failure to credit an image with it's original site, creator or scanner means you are claiming the image as your own scan. No credits = "I scanned this." If you are caught uploading images without credits that you did not scan, fanart you did not draw or wallpapers you did not make you'll recieve a plagiarism infraction.
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    Re: Contributing to the Scan Gallery

    Sticky'd the thread...

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