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Thread: Drawing Anime EYES in Flash (using Mouse) YOTAKI

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    My Character Anime Manga - YOTAKI

    Here I will share videos showing the

    process of creating my Anime Manga Character: sketches, drawings and

    digital artwork created in Flash. occasionally publish some instructions of

    how to draw manga anime in Flash.


    Note: This post will be updated every 8 days. Every Wednesday will publish a list of video streams.

    See you soon ...

    To begin, I'll post a video that explains real-time "Drawing Anime Eyes in Flash (using Mouse )"... I notice you that updates to these videos will be made every 8 days (Wednesday). I invite to Upload your videos and illustrations to share with We.


    My intention is to publish videos that show the process of creating my manga anime characters. My goal is to create a character based manganime posted here. The idea is that you will join me throughout this journey. I also want you to know my techniques and methods to create my illustrations and animations in Flash ....

    Here is one of my sketches, "Sketch Anime Manga Face using Pen Tablet in Flash"


    Later I will use this example to show the process of Line, Color Effects (Alpha, gradients), and if possible animation ...
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