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    Exclamation Good Resource Link

    *link removed* ~ Aceman67

    This is the link to my Photobucket. For the last few weeks I've been beefing it up so as to serve as a good resource area.

    It's always growing and most of my stuff isn't low resolution unless it's from an art book or a drawing, and in some cases this works very well.

    There are 12 albums;

    • C4D
    • Fractal
    • Effect Images
    • Group Stocks
    • Icons
    • Misc.
    • Real-Life Stocks
    • Renders
    • Series Images
    • Single Stocks
    • Tags
    • Walls

    In all the sigs I've been making of late, I've been using effect images and I've posted all the ones I've downloaded there and will continue to upload as I download them.

    All of my renders are there, I'm still working on finding a good number of sprites before I start upload the ones I have. Most of the ones I current;y have are animated, but in PS they are stationary and in good positions so still very usable.

    The stock images I've collected in the past are also there, along with a great number of stocks pulled from Photobucket. In the Series Images category you will find a list of popular anime (or ones I simply like). I'm far from done in that section as there are so many good images in popular anime and I just don't have the time to sit and find images all day. There are 13 categories;

    • Bleach
    • Eureka 7
    • Fate/Stay Night
    • .hack//
    • Haruhi
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Lain
    • Mai-HiME/Otome
    • Naruto
    • Negima
    • Rozen Maiden
    • Samurai Champloo

    Some are very barren sadly. When finding images I open three tabs and search separate things at one. Any more than three and one or two searches would get neglected.

    Every C4D and fractal image I've downloaded is there, soon I'll be browsing those there as well. A new category I'll soon create is vector, so if you're interested in vector artwork (possibly resources) you'll find moderately good images there (Photobucket isn't as good as devart for super high quality artwork.)

    So yeah, if this helps anyone I'll be happy. The List hasn't been updated recently and there's no gallery section for resources like the ones on Photobucket so I can see this as maybe helping a few people.

    Once I summon the want once more, I'll make a .rar of my brushes and fonts (I had this done and uploaded online, but Blair closed the damn tab and I don't know how to recover it.)

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    Re: Good Resource Link

    Sorry man, but its not that good of a resource link. While you do have a good selection of images, Photobucket limits the resolution of images uploaded (1024x768) unless you pay for your account.

    Also, two of your renders weren't made by you (the two bleach images still have the Creators logos on them), so I'm guessing that you didn't make any of them... so linking to stolen material... Tsk tsk...

    One of your images in your single stocks is someone's fan art (It even has the water mark by the artist...)

    And the last thing is your wallpapers album. I know you didn't make most of them, because alot of them I have downloaded on my computer from Animepaper.

    I'm closing this and removing the link since it links to stolen material.
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