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Thread: My Arts!

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    My Arts!

    So I like to spend a lot of time with being creative with music and art. :]

    I just got a tablet 2 days ago and I finished my first work on it! You can look at it here:


    It has some slight nudity, but that's why the warning is on. ;]

    Another thing I do more often than draw, is make trance music!

    Most the songs on my channel are free to download, I include Mediafire links in the video descriptions!
    Some of the newer songs are off my album however, which means that you must purchase them from iTunes to keep them .

    The Song of Her Imagination
    YouTube - ‪Techno Dream Trance - The Song Of Her Imagination‬‏

    The Stars Are Closer Here
    YouTube - ‪Techno Dream Trance - The Stars Are Closer Here‬‏

    The Journey
    YouTube - ‪Techno Dream Trance - The Journey‬‏

    Those are all from my album, my latest free dream trance song is here

    Forgotten Paradise
    YouTube - ‪Techno Dream Trance - Forgotten Paradise‬‏

    This is one of the songs off my new album which you can view and listen to the songs here
    Connecting to the iTunes Store.

    I have 40 or so other songs on my channel here.
    YouTube - ‪VisionInTrance's Channel‬‏

    You can subscribe if you'd like, it really helps me out .

    I hope you all enjoy it!!

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    Re: My Arts!

    I like your art! Although, I'm sure the mods wouldn't think this is the place to be advertising your work. You should share some more of your artwork on your profile in an album or something. ^_^

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    Talking Re: My Arts!

    I think its pretty good.its good you showed us who you truly are and how creative you are

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