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Thread: My giant Anime oil paintings

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    My giant Anime oil paintings

    I'm working on a series of giant anime scene oil paintings. I feel like most anime artist draw and use digital tools to do anime art. I want to do about 10 or so oil paintings and set up an art show. Please let me know what you think so far. The first painting is 32 in by 46 in and the second is 54 in by 56 in.6965876994_2b6172c89b_b.jpg7333965280_98dfc150e6_b.jpg

    If you can't see or open my attached files you can go here: Flickr: jordan.doctolero's Photostream

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    Re: My giant Anime oil paintings

    Take the image URL's and put [IMG] tags around them.

    For instance,




    Replace the ( ) with [ ], of course. Don't forget the backslash in the ending tag, as in, [/IMG].


    That said, this is a pretty awesome endeavor, and I really like your artwork. It is a difficult medium you chose to use, but I can tell you're passionate about your art and that you enjoy using this particularly unique medium.

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