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Thread: need drawing tips

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    Re: How do you learn 2 draw stuff in anime style?

    For me I say "I draw perfect on practice drawing and end up messing up on the real drawings in order to draw the right angle and measures you must be perfectly focus on what your looking at and also it might help you if you put on non-vrebal songs in order to make it less complicated that is how i make mine look better then scratches" try it out and if you have questions about it you can PM me then.

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    Re: need drawing tips

    Quote Originally Posted by sayomi02010 View Post
    oh my god!!!!! i've been looking online on google and just about everywhere else under the f---ing sun and I still can't find a single good site on how to draw manga and anime!!!!!
    Try these if you haven't already:

    * PolyKarbon: Comic, Manga Tutorials & Photoshop Tips
    * Manga Tutorials - How to Draw Anime & Manga Style
    * www.BakaNeko.com
    * Manga and Anime Tutorials | Manga Punk
    * MangaRevolution Drawing & Painting Tutorials
    * [ anime art tutorials ]

    Some random websites:

    * http://www.geocities.com/animehideout/frame.htm
    * Tutorials - Manga Drawing, Storyline, Design, Storyboarding, Oekaki - [InsanityManga.net] -

    I hope that helps!

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    Re: need drawing tips

    I learned how to draw anime from books and following the steps. Another thing that helps when drawing is to look at proportion on people animals and well everything! It's hard and takes practice.Oh!! that reminds me!! Another way that I got good at it is I drew everyday in my math class.

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