I have cleaned the Male gallery completely and started on the Group Gallery... it's current state is depression-inducing.

So... to make certain that none of this ever happens again, I have taken a cute, fluffy hydrophobic Scottish Fold kitten hostage. Every time someone posts something blatantly against clearly posted rules: I will give the kitten a bath.

Kitties hate baths.
Almost as much as tsu hates idjits.

1. The Scans gallery has a "600 X 700" pixel minimum. This minimum is posted clearly in the center of every single page of the scan gallery!!! And yet, more than half of the images in the scan gallery are under that limit. They're getting the axe now. Reupload them and I may do far worse than kitten-washing.

2. Your images are useless if no one can find them!!! With a crappy generic title and no tags, your image will dissappear from the frontpage never to be seen again. No one can find it, no one can use it, it will not turn up in searches: in effect you've wasted your time... and our webspace. Label your images with a series title, character names, types of creatures/fetishes/characteristics included. Try not to be too broad...

Lousy Titles: hot guy, ..., The Infamous Couple,
Good Titles: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Unit 001

Lousy tags: girl, boy, wow, cute, neat, aouuuuu, sfohasgas, ..., hot
Good tags: maid, catgirl, vampire, demon, angel, kimono, yukata, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji, GAINAX

3. Posting something without credit to another artist, scanner or site is effectively ripping. You're claiming their work as your own by not acknowledging their efforts. We can't always catch you at this, but if you leave the site tags or signature of the artist on the image you're not going to win any genius awards. If you're going to steal: at least be intelligent about it and remove the "Scanned by Roxxor for Minitokyo, do not repost" tag. Remember: there is a gallery rule saying that if you post artwork/scans that are not your own you have to CREDIT THE SITE YOU GOT THE IMAGE FROM!! Uncredited submissions with site tags/signatures are also getting the axe.

4. All male groups go in "Male", All female groups in "Female", mixed groups in "Mixed"