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Thread: Sentou Ryoku's Fan Art

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    Sentou Ryoku's Fan Art

    Hey, just thought I'd post these up for critique (didn't know where else to post these) :

    Mourning (SPOILERS) - Team 10: Mourning -colored- by ~SentouRyoku on deviantART

    Chou Harite (SPOILERS) -

    Baika no Jutsu - Baika no Jutsu -colored- by ~SentouRyoku on deviantART

    Chouji: Oiroke no Jutsu - Oiroke no Jutsu - Chouji color by ~SentouRyoku on deviantART

    Sabaku no Gaara - Sabaku no Gaara -Colored- by ~SentouRyoku on deviantART

    Zola (from Blue Dragon) - Blue Dragon - Zola -Colored- by ~SentouRyoku on deviantART

    Colored with PhotoShop CS


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    Re: Sentou Ryoku's Fan Art

    you can use our everso exciting and powerful and sexy gallery to upload your pics for comments and what not
    sorry the for the inconvenience but the gallery is where we'd like to keep images, not on the forums(organizational purposes)

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