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Thread: Tutorial Books

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    Tutorial Books

    **Looked through the forum categories, seems like the prime place to ask this. My bad if it's out of place.**

    Since all I really do is write my own stuff and a few fanfics, I'd like to get into drawing anime and the like. I'd really love to illustrate my characters in my own personal, envisioned style.

    I know theres a ton of "How To Draw Anime/Manga/etc" books out there, and I know thats not all I need. I've never really done any drawing outside of art in grade school and random giggly doodles during boring lectures(Physics 202), and the fact that I have a learning disability kept me from pursuing it through high school. I'm thinking some (more) literature would do me good. I'm mainly interested in a good book that would introduce someone to the basic fundamentals of drawing itself, since all the books I've flipped through ofer the years(yes, years) seem to assume you know the fundamentals already.

    If anyone has any other personal or widely recognized suggesstions for a drawing fundamentals book and books on drawing anime, It'd be great if anyone could run 'em by me. I've got some Borders/Amazon.com store credit to spend. Thanks.

    A friend of mine recently dumped a few old ones he had on me, here they are. If these suffice, just say so.

    How To Draw Manga - Compiling Characters
    How To Draw Manga - Getting Started
    How To Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol. 1
    How To Draw Manga by Katy Coope
    Erotic Manga: Draw Like The Experts (Yeah, he really had this.)
    Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain by Betty Edwards
    Keys To Drawing by Bert Dodson

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    Re: Tutorial Books

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Drawing/ARt topic... This belongs in the Graphics, Wallpaper & Web Design Forum

    FAVOURITE THREADS EXPLAIN why, or risk an infraction.
    Rantings of a Grouchy Old Anime Otaku

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    Re: Tutorial Books

    Well, for starter, go buy "Drawing From the Right Side of Your Brain", Its a must if you are just starting out and is self teaching yourself. I have one, didn't really bother reading it because there were too much to read.

    I suggest you stay away from those how to draw manga/anime books because those ain't gonna help you much, but the ones you listed ain't too bad. Just stop there and don't buy anymore of those. Go to the bookstore and browse through all the instructional art books you can find and see which one looks good. I personally like books with lots of illustrations with not much text. Next are anatomy books, the one I have is "Anatomy for the Artist - The Dynamics of the Human Form" by Tom Flint. Good investment considering its price ($8 CAD), it is fill with illustration and all are hand drawn.

    To honest, its hard to self teach yourself, so its best to take classes. Nothing beats a teacher where he/she can tell you what need to improve on and what you're doing well in. Also, gesture, contour, figure etc. drawings are very important too. That is one of the basics you have to master to draw good human form and it ain't easy.

    I know theres a ton of "How To Draw Anime/Manga/etc" books out there, and I know thats not all I need.
    Best response I've read in these kinds of thread.

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