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Thread: Fav. Gundam

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    Fav. Gundam

    my personal favorites are the Tallgeese from Gundam Wing, mainly because I like it's design and firepower.

    Next is Master Gundam from Gundam G. I thought Master Asia was really cool (like an Asian Sean Connery), and the entire design was super special awesome. The head reminded me of horns, and I love the piloting system for Gundam G.

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    Re: Fav. Gundam

    Anyone loves many gundams^^
    but for me i love the Legend and Providence? the one that was used by Rey Za Bruell and Rau Le Cruesset from GS and GSD...
    i like Wing Zero custom to...
    also i like Strike freedom...
    All of these gundams listed above is has the same custom except Wing Zero^^
    Love the firepowers and the cannons of Legend and Strike Freedoms^^
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...[/IMG

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    Re: Fav. Gundam

    there's a lot of gundams that are my favorites...but when it comes to absolute power.
    this is my favorite. why? this is the most powerful gundam of all gundams...the turn a gundam.

    ugly looking? yes, but it did after all destroyed the entire civilization of earth and 80% of it's population in a single day with a single attack. and to mention it's hand grenades are modified nukes.

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    Re: Fav. Gundam

    We already have a thread like this

    favorite gundam models


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