for those who wants to know the super robot wars alpha 3 story?
click here.
it's like reading from a novel.
here are some few excerpts...

"Kira is at last sleeping normally in his quarters, having undergone a thorough medical checkup that found nothing other than a slight fever wrong. Although the Strike was outfitted with reentry capability, Camille is left shaking his head in amazement that Kira could actually pull it off _in_battle_ without the benefit of prior training. It's a feat worthy of the great Amuro, but Amuro himself figures in Kira's case it was at least partially due to his being a Coordinator. Murdoch agrees, pointing out that the cockpit temperature during reentry went far above the levels a Normal could endure. And THAT is a feat worthy of Hiiro, and Amuro. The G boys (gundam wing boys) have found out that, while Coordinators can still become ill or die from trauma like gunshot wounds, their bodies have been modified to vastly improve resistance to such things. Asuka furrows her brow at the difference in body specs, figuring that _THAT_ makes them more like First (Children). Rei counters that she's no Coordinator, but Asuka fumes that she might as well be."