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Thread: Ozzy/Rob Zombie Concert

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    Ozzy/Rob Zombie Concert

    Recently them'z came to my home town, yeah Winnipeg, the little dot in the Province ya ain't never heard of.

    It was mind blowing. You guys shoulda been there... man.. Rob Zombie ended with Dragula, it was crazy. He had a ****ing giant robot. A giant robot.. and weird tentacle naked anime scenes.. <<

    When Ozzy came out, the crowd went nuts, he opened with Crazy Train.. he didn't do the kick ass intro though, that made the song. When he sang his slow songs, there were lighters everywhere.

    There were so many old people there, I was expecting to be mobbed my a crowd of raging punk/goths. Neh, I guess dreams don't come true<<

    You guys ever been to a rock concert?
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    Re: Ozzy/Rob Zombie Concert

    Hmm.......not really, just a Pink Floyd laser light show. But I was stoned XD

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