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Thread: The RPG

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    The RPG

    What games in this style to you guys play? What turned you on to the genre and why do you keep playing?

    Are there any games that others just have to play? And what ones should people steer clear from?
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    Re: The RPG

    Definitely Kingdom Hearts II was one of the best and most addicting RPGs I've played.

    The Disneyfied cript can get kinda cheesy, but the story is good and the game play is really fun!

    If they could make an FF game w/ this control system, it would be perfect!

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    Re: The RPG

    I play Monstersgame (The Batle between Vampires and Werewolves)- it's an online game, browser style... It's the best browser type game I've seen so far, but actually I just don't like this style- it's quite boring- I just come online every day to make my vampire go on some manhunts or just make it work for another 8 hours to gain some money...

    Then I just finnished a computer role-playing game- Arcanum. It's just great!!! The best game I've ever played- if you like games with missions and lots of talk as well as lots of fights- you'll love this game. The graphics are great!!! Perfect I must say!!! The character development possibilities- perfectly worked out- you can learn many skills and choose to be either a mage or a warrior...
    The plot... just tasty!!! I think I'll even write a story based on that (I know how weird that sounds, but...)
    Anyways... you should check it out ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: The RPG

    RPG's hmmm, well im not a big rpg fan but i have one FF 10 that is the first and last FF i've played and beaten

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