This a role play its a school of half-demon one school but, its actual middle high school and high school and college. The grades are between 6 to 12 grade and college level.

The school is for half-demon to train and get stronger. Its like a school but, the school is from any civilization. When they go to the school they live there until they finished there school.

Profile Page:

Student or teacher:
What type of demon are you:
Appearance: ((pic only please)) human and demon form
causal cloth:
fight uniform:
what kind of power do u have:

Example of My Profile:
Name: Gweneth Neverland
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Year: 11th
Student or teacher: Student
What type of demon are you: Demonic Angel
Human Form:

Demon Form:


Causal Clothes:

Fighting Clothes:

what kind of power do u have: She is not sure of her powers yet.

Personality: Shy, manly keeps to herself, can be easily pissed off, stubborn, and one minded.

Bio: Gweneth is an orphan. She has never truly understood why she is so different. Her foster parents had grown to be terrified of her and sent her away to this school. She doesn't know what hidden powers are locked within her body but she feels a need to find out what they are and what they can do. During her time at the school she has come to understand why her foster parents were terrified of her and it has made her determined to dig into her past to find her parents. To find why they had left her alone all her life.

*stay on topic and keep it with the program. Interact with eachother and not seperate. None of
*Walked into the garden* While someone is *Running through the castle.* Keep a conversation going.

Gwen walks through the empty hallways of the school. "I wish that I could go home for the holidays." The painful memories of her mothers death running through her mind. "It gets so lonely here." She walks out into the garden where she finds another student. "Hellow I don't think we have met. I'm Gweneth Neverland and you are?" Gwen extends her hand and gives the student a friendly smile.