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Thread: Course Discussion

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    Course Discussion

    School started today.. hurray.

    It was all hectic and boring, my first schedule sucked. For half the week I had two classes, they even put me in S1 science, I have that credit already T_T

    Now it's fixed!

    These are my courses

    Applied Math S2
    Science S2
    English APS2
    Geography APS2
    Drama S2
    Software Apps S3
    Family Studies S2
    Gym S2
    Graphics S2
    Band S2

    So let's talk about common courses or the ones you're taking away from others', please though, list which ones you're taking first!
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    Re: Course Discussion

    Ok, here are my classes:

    English II
    Algebra II
    German I
    Civics and Economics
    Study Period/Health

    Oh, and I play trombone in band.

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