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Thread: Death note movies???

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    Re: Death note movies???

    Ok skratch what I said above! I just got the first movie in the mail a couple of days ago, it could have used some work, and i didnt like some of the acting but over all it was pritty good.
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    Re: Death note movies???

    I love the Death Note movies. I think that they are amazing. Especially Kenichi Matsuyama, who plays L. He is amazing. I was pleased with the acting and, like you said, the actor's resemblance to there Anime characters. I think that they did very well with the way the characters looked, with a few exceptions. Misa Amane being one of them. I think that although she should've had a wig on, she was a very good Misa. Also Takada, whose hair is very short in the Anime. It appeared as if her co anchor was a more convincing Takada as far as appearances go. But I think that they were trying to stray from the Anime a little more in the movies, and overall, she was a good actress as well. The movies impressed me greatly. And of course, there is Matsuda, who gave an impressive performance as well.
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