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Thread: Death Note- a possible re-make

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    Death Note- a possible re-make

    So far, three Death Note movies exist; Death Note, Death Note; the Last Name, and L; Change the World. Now, the idea of coming out with an American version of the Death Note movies is being debated. Zac Efron will, if the movie goes through, star as Light Yagami. I personally loved the Death Note movies and thought that they were amazing (especially Kenichi Matsuyama, who played L). But I know that many would disagree with me. What do you think of America re-adapting these films off of the Death Note series?

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    Re: Death Note- a possible re-make

    I think the idea of having zack efron is stupid. He's a terrible actor sorry to say.

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    Re: Death Note- a possible re-make

    SAY WAAAT!?!!!! EFRON STARRIN IN AN ANIME? YEA RIGHT!! I SAY NO, N-O NONONONONONONONONONO AND NOOOOOOO!!!! HELL NO!! XP srry, just sayin tho cuz i think he shld stick ta high school musical or watevr the heck he doz cuz i think hez bettr off just strutin in the movies than in anime also i dont think that anime would be his type *air quotes on "type"*
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    Death is interesting

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