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Thread: Death Note-The weirdest thing about it?

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    Re: Death Note-The weirdest thing about it?

    I love this show because it's awesome and scary at the same time. I think the few parts were they tried to amp up the drama (like Light's whole "I take a chip...and I'll EAT IT.") was weird and I admit to seriously falling over from laughing so much.
    Also L is my fav. character and all...but his ability to consume nothing but sweets is weird.

    By the way, I might as well use this opportunity to ask this...
    In the anime, there was a episode where L was standing out in the rain and Light started talking to him. Does anyone remember which episode that was? That's all I can remember from that episode. I think I was half asleep and simply passed it off as a weird episode.
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    Re: Death Note-The weirdest thing about it?

    The weirdest thing about the show is the show itself ,i mean i haven't seen that much of a type having this great impact on me.
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    Re: Death Note-The weirdest thing about it?

    one thing i found weird is when i picked up the manga i was sure all girls will fan out over light...i mean the same obssession ive seen for sasuke and other anime characters,
    but L is a total Lady killer!
    another thing is the Epic Potato chips...i mean it has 300 like music in the backround...and its in slow mo...lol
    they shouldve speeded it up, then slow mo, then speeded it up...

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