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Thread: Light...

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    Supposedly there's going to be a live adaption Death Note movie. And there's a rumor that Zac Effron is going to play Light. *shudder*

    What do you think of this?

    Who do you think should play Light, L, other characters, and why?

    Also, there's nothing certain about the Zac Effron thing (from what I've heard, anyway). Just curious on your thoughts.

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    Re: Light...

    He would be a great choice for the role as he looks much like the actor in the japanese adaptation. But I am not in favor of another adaptation. The japanese know what they are doing and these movies rarely are as good as the original treatments.

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    Re: Light...

    i think that's a great idea. Zac efron looked really hot in that movie 17 again (i know i was surprised too, i kept thinking about him in his high school music movies, and he looks really dorky in those) and he looks like light. As for L, i'm thinking someone a little johnny depp-ish. and for misa, misa, pretty much any Japanese girl can play her. just look up misa misa cosplay and a lot of great misa misa imitators pop up. i particularly like one picture where a girl is sitting on the ground with a pink outfit on (image uploader thingy isn't working on mine)
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