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    OFFICIAL Death Note Anime


    The story of Death Note centers on Yagami Light, an ambitious young man who is at the top of his class. Light is abhorred by all the crime and corruption that takes place in the world and harbors a deep desire to fix everything. One day, as he looks at the window of his classroom, he sees a notebook fall from the sky. Curious, he checks it out before he goes home. Upon inspection, he sees that the notebook is actually called a "death note," and it claims to be able to kill any person whose name is written on it. At first, he dismisses it as nothing more than a prank, but curiosity got the best of him, and as an experiment, he wrote the name of a criminal on the notebook. At first, he is terribly afraid of the fact that the note is authentic, but once he regains his nerves, he starts hatching a plan that involves passing righteous judgment on criminals and declaring himself "God of the new world." But his view of justice is not shared by everyone, and a mysterious detective known simply by the name of "L" has taken an interest in his case. L considers "Kira" (as light has been dubbed by the public) as a criminal and decides to pursue him.

    Thus, the complex and intricate story about the clash of two opposing views of justice begins.

    • Director: Tetsura Araki
    • PRODUCER: Madhouse
    • English Adaptation: The Ocean Group
    • GENRE: Detective Fiction, Psychological Thriller and Supernatural.
    • Episodes: 37

    Major Characters:

    Yagami Light: Yagami Light is the main character of the anime, although his role as the protagonist is questionable. He is the number one student in Japan and is highly intelligent. He is the one who finds the death note that was dropped by the Shinigami, Ryuk. He is ready to do anything just to achieve his own ends even if it means sacrificing his own family. His main pitfall, however, is his overconfidence.

    L: L is a world-renowned detective. His identity is kept highly confidential, but his genius has earned him fame all over the world. He has taken upon himself the task of capturing "Kira." L has many eccentricities. He never sleeps (which accounts for the dark circles under his eyes), he eats too many sweets, he never wears shoes, and he does everything in an odd manner.

    Amane Misa: Amane Misa, a pop idol in Japan, is Light's girlfriend. She is incredibly immature, but she is completely devoted to Light. She idolizes "Kira" because Kira passed judgment upon the criminals who killed her parents.

    Ryuk: Ryuk is the original owner of the death note. He is a shinigami or a death god.

    Near and Mello: Near and Mello are orphans who are both vying to be L's successor.

    Official Death Note Website: DEATH NOTE - U.S. Official Anime Site
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