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Thread: Death Note Director's Cut

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    Death Note Director's Cut

    I started this thread in the spoilers section 'cause I think I'll give a pretty spoilerific description for it .
    You know those spread rumours about a 2 hour-long special? Well, this is it.
    Practically, it's something like "The best of...". The most important events up until L's death have been merged for this special.
    The main idea of it:
    In the Shinigami world, there is a new Shinigami, who is interested in Ryuk's adventures in the human world. Since he had nothing interesting to do, Ryuk started telling him about it. After L's death, the last few minutes of the story are at the cemetery, where Light goes mad and starts talking to L's cross (is it just me, or this part wasn't in the anime? ).
    In the end, that curious Shinigami was none other than Light.

    So, have you guys watched it? Or did you get bored half-way?
    I was pretty happy they didn't put in scenes with Near&co. L was much more better than them, imho.

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    Re: Death Note Director's Cut

    hmm, never seen it, but it sounds interesting. did you get it on dvd?
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    Re: Death Note Director's Cut

    When are they gonna have the director's cut come out on DVD? i haven't really seen it yet.

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    Re: Death Note Director's Cut

    I saw it on YT. The begining was kinda ...he made me feel bored. Some reviews of teh anime...and the part of the L's cemetery when Light was lol-ing...Oh that was funny... The scaryest sound I ever heard.
    But the end...was crippy and scary. The new shinigami was Light...yeah..even if they look so different.
    What i liked the most was the clothes...that..Visual Key look...
    And yep...The part with the cemetery wasn't in the anime...the "looool" of Light was the best...

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