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Thread: How do you feel about the overall plot of Death Note?

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    Re: Death Note (possible spoiler)

    Mello helped by failing, and by having a relationship with the FBI lady helped them gain valuable information...

    ^_^ i agreed with how Light died, people that arrogant fall that hard. and i also liked that Misa and Matsuda didn't die!!!

    the only thing that puzzled me was that they didn't handcuff Light as soon as he confessed... but i guess they didn't really know what he was going to do so he didn't want to take any chances...

    ^_^ and i thought it was cute that Near looked up to L so much! what a role model to have!

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    Re: Death Note (possible spoiler)

    -_- Well, let me break it down.

    How Mello helped: Mikami (Kira's servant) was, up to that point, extremely loyal and did nothing to cause any problems for Kira. Only making moves on his own when it deemed necessary, to things that Kira would seem acceptable.
    However, when the 28th was coming up (the noted day when Near and Light were to meet), Light specifically told Mikami to not make any unecessary moves AT ALL! Even if Light deemed it necessary, Mikami was to NOT reveal any strange movements.

    Along the way, Mello had kidnapped Takada ("spokeswoman" of Kira)... now, this may seem extremely irrational and solve nothing at all. It is. However, Mello would know that Near was going to finish things off with Kira soon... Agent Lidner (one of Near's agents) gave him this information.

    Now why would Mello act so sudden and irrationally?

    Mello has always been the one with the action, while Near has been the one with the cool head... L was both, but never an extremity of the other.
    In a sense, Mello felt that without a straightforward-action against Kira, Near would definitely lose to Kira... Near needed Mello.

    Now, if we remember, Near replaced the books, is that not correct?

    Well, Kira knew of this plan, correct?

    So how did Kira fall?

    Easy, Mello revealed it all.

    Due to Mello kidnapping Takada, Kira was forced to kill Takada, who had to kill Mello. Mello and Takada are dead.

    At this point, you would think Mello had failed. He did, but because of this, Near had succeeded. How?

    What did Mikami do next? Right. As Near's agents witnessed, Mikami seemed uneasy about this situation, and decided to do what seemed necessary, to write her name into the Death Note, to make it seem that Kira had finished her off.
    Truthfully told, that was a good move, IF NOT THE CIRCUMSTANCES!

    After realizing this sudden change >AFTER< Takada's reported death, the agents were soon to figure that this was not Mikami's doing... and it also revealed the existance of the real Death Note and the awareness of Kira and Mikami to Near's "tampering" with the books on the first place.

    If not for Mello's action, Near would have died with his single all-in-one gamble tampering.
    Now that Mello's action had revealed this, Near had, in-turn, created another gamble, increasing his chances of defeating Kira.

    Because of this, Mello had done much more than Near had done. But Near had the intelligence and calmness to work through this problem.
    Together, they were able to defeat Kira.

    - - - -

    In my opinion, I'm highly disappointed in Light.
    Though he figured how foolish Near was to risk it all in just one gamble... he did the same.
    Didn't anyone notice on how confident Light was at the thought of KNOWING what Near did!

    How DISAPPOINTING! I would've thought that he would've thought ahead of this and made up a just-in-case plan!

    ...but I suppose he didn't expect Mello to be any trouble... that was Light's weakness.

    Light had no right to be "ruler of this world". Never had and never will be.

    Though he had good points, Mello was right... he was just a crazed murderer.
    No matter the ideal, the man was a murderer.
    To be so arrogant to call yourself a god.
    No... "arrogant gods" have only the right to be called false idols.

    He was no god, he was weak, he was open... too sure of himself when he didn't expect any other's uses and abilities in this world.
    No god has a right to rule over people that he did not know.

    *sigh* Light was good... very skilled... very intelligent... someone you could look up to and maybe even follow...
    ...but... arrogance and blind assumptions make him beyond weak, and a threat to himself and all those around him. Just a crazed man. The pure product of how a man becomes drowned in the very power he was given.

    He was no leader. He was a slave to his own powers.

    ...very disappointing.

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    Re: Death Note (possible spoiler)

     click to show spoiler

    I'd say that Light becoming Kira was a mistake, since he goes to the "nothingness" after
     click to show spoiler

    ...Along with anyone else who worte in the Death Note...
    I'd say the whole thing is Light's fault. His ambition drove him to the brink of insanity [built up over the series] and it eventually affected the people around him.

    And that no matter if you're killing criminals, Murder is still murder.

    And the people who try to stop him [L, Mello, Near] are just trying to make the world better by getting rid of Kira so that the world didn't live in the fear of a dictator with the power to kill wrong-doers.

    Simply isn't right. Light deserved to die, although it truly was a sad death. Just the atmosphere of it.
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    Re: Death Note (possible spoiler)

    Quote Originally Posted by ILikeApples5520 View Post
    That ending was one of the saddest I have ever seen

    I actually was interested to see what happens in Light's "Perfect World"

    But for me that was a complete heartbreaker
    same here I wanted to see what was going to happen of Light's new world. I was totally bummed when he died. even though he did go a little crazy towards the end. Still Light's World would of brought world peace, they said that he putting everyone in fear, but isn't that what's going on now anyways??

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