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Thread: L Fans

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    Wink L Fans

    What is your fave moment of L? (Movie or Anime) Mine would be from the anime when L falls out of his chair when her heard about the Shinigami, and from the movie when he mad Dough Cobobs (sp?). Got to love L worship:
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    Re: L Fans

    There are so many amazing L moments... I love the dough kabob as well. Kenichi Matsuyama is amazing... and the chair incident. And in L;Change the World when he throws the kabob and knocks the machine gun out of the Blue Ship agent's hands. But I would have to say one of the best is when L kicks Light across the room. It was incredible, and quite inspiring. There are just so many moments to choose from... another one is when he is sitting in the park and screams, "YAGAMi KUN! Konichiwa." That was hilarious, as well... he is the best! Every moment with L is equally favorable.

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    Re: L Fans

    This is hard to pic a favorite L moment I think the saddest L moment was when he was killed by Rem that was bogus. I think its funny when he fills his coffee full of sugar cubes and random stuff like that. My favorite all time L moment has to be when he hands the detective the strawberry and says "Ill give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret" hahaha its so random and hysterical.

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