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Thread: Ultimate Crack Pairings!

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    Exclamation Ultimate Crack Pairings!

    Okay, it's been bothering me... What do you think is the ultimate crack pairings in Death Note? This includes yaoi and non yaoi. Those reading please take no offense. If you can leave reasons! [This is meant to be a gag poll aka meant for laughs] List as many as you want!!!!

    bdf and W4:
    1. MelloxNear If there is logic to this bdf would like to know. She's curious

    2. LxLight Um, let's see... They're out to kill/put in jail each other.

    3. LightxNear Pretty much same as LxLight. Plus these two hate each other to death...

    4. WatarixWammy kids ZOMG PHEDDIE!!!!

    5. WatarixRoger zomg old people... *faints/puke*

    6. MelloxTakada She kills him... [bdf is crying in corner cuz she likes Mello]
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    Re: Ultimate Crack Pairings!

    I see this heading no where. closed

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