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Thread: 1 Million KeyBlades of War {RPG}

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    1 Million KeyBlades of War {RPG}

    A great battle between the 2 of legends told that the one who used the KeyBlade for good destroyed the one who used it for evil. As the Final blow was struck the villain opened a keyhole out of no where. and him and the brave hero were sucked into the keyhole. Lord Mickey quickly hurried and sealed the key hole. as he did every planet began to shake and rumble and all the keyblades in every world were sucked into the air and vanished into the Worl of Nothingness. Many years later all the planets were brought together into two super planet one of disney planet and a new one formed called earth. many of Teens inhabitied this planet. no adults.

    When the planet was formed something evil creaked out of darkness. It created its seperate planet and millions of heartless poured from it. they all were sent to earth to inhabit Teens and take over the universe and open the keyhole to free its master. the Creatures name was Darkness and he used his powers to strike Disney World and set it apart. The Very very old king Mickey had fell as the planet as hit. he grabbed his throne and pressed a button and a secret chamber opened up and he scurried off into it there he touched what seemed to be a bright light and 3 keyblades formed and were sent to earth.

    Three kids found them in the sand thier names were: Rora, Kiku, and Sairi. (look like the original gang but Rora has black hair, kiku has brown and Sairi has Blonde.) They picked up the three blades and as soon as they did millions of blades crashed down to the ground and half of the blades were picked up by the possed teenagers te other half were picked up by the Teens of light. The war is going to begin

    1. only oc you can be if your not one of the chosen 3 are disney characters.
    2. No god Mode
    3. Drive is not allowed unless your one of the three chosen ones.

    Rora: [the kings key blade]:
    Kiku:[normal keyblade]:
    Sairi:[Lady Luck]:

    CC format:
    Keyblade: [Key Blade looks]: this site has some from the games and if you can find a site with custom made pics of keyblades they are in. Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship
    Bio: (optional)
    Friends: Optional
    Side: (Light, Darkness) The organazation migt come into playif we can get the story going
    If you need edits im your guy

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    Re: 1 Million KeyBlades of War {RPG}

    Im Zeri Firo The keyblade master im very light and now how to handle a sword

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    Re: 1 Million KeyBlades of War {RPG}

    I am sorry KhiryX but all rpg have to first go through the rpg ideas before it can come here. You need to message Chiefblackhammer and ask him to close this rpg. Than you can repost it in the rpg ideas.
    Live Life Or Die

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