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Thread: Anime RPG creator!

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    Talking Anime RPG creator!

    Hey! ok here is where you make your character (there is a link below for you to start the RPG)

    Before You Play u have to make up a character here are the things u have to fill out..

    You can choose any race you want
    You can be a warrior mage etc.


    For EXAMPLEthis is My Character)

    Name: Yuuki
    Age: 15
    Race: Vampire/Human
    Side: good
    Description: Yuuki has long straigt black hair with red tips. her eyes are purple but when shes mad change to red. when shes resisting one eye turns bright red and the other turns grey.. she is a mage and can do all magic skills
    Bio:Yuuki was born as a vampire although she didnt kno how to control herself but as she got older she met this boy named hikari(he was also a vampire) and they became really good friends. Hikari taught yuuki how to resist her temptations before something bad happened although she still has some troubles.She has been training as a mage since she was 5 and masterd all skills but is having trouble with the resserection spell.

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    Re: Anime RPG creator!

    Hey! Lets read the section rules for starting a RPG shall we?


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