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    Imagine capture the flag played in Armored Personnel Carriers, and that sums up the new e-mail RPG I have created. The webpage is here, and the game status can be found by following the link "Join a Game" at the bottom of the page.

    The fun aspect about this game is that we play in real locations on the Earth (thank you Google Earth and high-resolution satellite images). Anyone participating can e-mail me with a battlefield of their choice, so long as they provide the domain and range of latitude and longitude, respectively, for the region they wish to fight in.

    I'm also looking for players who want to help design new weapon systems and countermeasures to be used in game play, to make things more interesting.

    This thread is meant as a Q&A discussion on aspects of the game which the rules do not wholly clarify.

    Another feature I want to add to the game is the ability to IM the other players, roleplaying as your player-characters in out-of-battlefield gameplay. For example, off the battlefields, Players A and B could chat with each other, discuss tactics, make strategic alliances, or, in the fanboy tradition, a male and female player-character pairing could emerge.

    The purpose of this add-on is for two reasons: First, I want there to be more than just the challenge of destroying armored vehicles. A truly successful RPG also involves character development, both personality-wise and their interaction with the remaining cast.

    Secondly, like the now cancelled Evangelion e-mail RPG, I wish to eventually convert the character interactions into storyline subplots, and add these as text files to the website, giving the game a history, as well as the fans or potential players an idea of what transpired before their arrival.
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