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Thread: Bleach the beggining(Open)

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    Syrix Jaggerjack was walking home from school and his freinds asked him if he needed a ride. "no thanks this is the only time i get my excercise"syrix said grinning. "well see you then"Micheal said driving off. As i got closer to my home the sky got darker. Then out of knowere i bumped into something but nothing was there then something smacked me sending me to a wall. Then something grabbed me and threw me out of the wall. I saw a men in black with a sword and a huge black monster with some type of mask or something on. I got up and ran for my life i couldnt run for long. Then it bursted through a house and chasing after me then someone yelled out an enchantment and a red beam went through the strange creature destroying him. Then he walked up to me and looked at me. "You can see me" men in black said "of course i can see you"syrix said confused. He then grabbed my shoulder and took me through a portal. "were am i"syrix said amazed "the soul society"the men said.

    ((ok if anyone wants to join they can thats why i have the open thing))

    the men showed me every room and hallway in the soul society. "are you ready to join the soul society" the men said "yes i am"said syrix.
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    Re: Bleach the beggining(Open)

    Please post ideas for RPG's in the RPG Ideas section before starting a thread here. All ideas have to be approved by a moderator before they get started.


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