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Thread: Character Profile Setup

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    Character Profile Setup

    OK This is how the Character profile shoule be setup.

    Race (if race is different in RPG ask the RPG Starter)
    Spells (magic if RPG specific)
    Side (Good Bad neutral)

    A Detailed Description
    • Background/History
    • Known Jobs
    So something like this:

    Name: Cloud Silverheart
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Hight: 5"9'
    Weight: 125lbs
    Weapons of Choice: Sword and a sidearm
    Spells: Heal, Power Break, Protect
    Side: Good
    Occupation: Assassin


    Cloud is tall with long blond hair. he is light skinned and very good looking. He is wearing leather boots jeans T-shirt and a leather coat. He carries his sward on his back in its sheath ready for an attack. He carries a 9mm pistol with a 12 round clip in his back pocket.


    Cloud was brought up in the rough side of town. His mother and father were killed when he was a young age. being the oldest of 3 siblings he had to support and feed his little sister and brother. So he took a job as an assassin. Best in the business he could make it look like someone died of natural causes. After his siblings got old enough to support hem selves he moved to London to a friends house. here he was taught the art of sward fighting and marksmanship. finally advancing his job as a well known assassin to the underground Cloud then moved to Japan and was known for his ability to take out the delegate that was ruining the japan government. And here he is today sitting at his desk looking for another job.

    Known Jobs: Assassin

    Other Character Info: None
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