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Thread: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

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    Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Akiron Lockheart
    Age: 18
    Race: Human/android
    Hight: 5"11'
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Weapons of choice: BroadSword
    Spells: none
    Side: Neutral
    Occupation: currently searching for purpose

    Description: Akiron stands at 5"11' and has long blondish hair, he carries his iron BroadSword on his back!

    Background: Akiron was created in a remote laboratory by a scientist known as Dr. Lionberg, Akirons tasks and day to day dutys are what is engraved in his structure. But while writing the purpose of Akiron, Lionberg died of an unknown disease and before death locked akiron away. It is now the year XX63 and a Teenager by the name of Shikamari has located the pod containing the android and accidently activates the release of the android.

    Known Jobs: Finding the cause of the unknown disease of Dr. lionheart and trying to avoid Shikamari.

    More Info on your character: Being an android with human emotions, Akiron is easily thrown off task by enemies and his tasks are continually changing and Shikamari is the side hero who overthrows these enemies and helps Akiron on his journey.
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    My Rp Characters

    Name: Sejin Shiro
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age: 26
    Height: 7'6''
    Weight: 157 lbs
    Alignment: Neutral
    Title: Father Shiro


    Bio/History: Sejin is a bit of a mystery. He is strong through his faith in the lord almighty. When he was a child he was doubtfull, often criticising the churches methods. Eventually he saw an angel-like figure in the flesh for himself and it convinced him. Ironically he bacame one of the most powerful priests in his chapel and eventually disbanded from his chapel to become a wandering priest. During his travel he joined many martial arts and eventually created his own. Godly Hand.


    Martial Arts Mastery: Sejin has mastered many martial arts in his travels. Therefore, his speed, strength, stanima and judgement is abnormally high from that of the normal human. Often thought to be an angel and not a human due to his godly might.

    Preistly-Hood: Being a high priest, Sejin is close to god. Because of this his body can regenrate quickly but, the downside is the regenrated limb will be very tender for about 15 minutes and if destroyed will slow-down on its regeneration speed. He also has a bit of an energy boost, being able to tap into his spiritual energy easier then most.


    Spiritual Healing: Using the gift of god Sejin can heal minor wounds and fix things that become broken as long as all the parts are there.

    Energy Flow: Using his energy abilities he can summon energy to his hands in small bursts to effectivly damage his enemies.

    Spiritual Energy: Unlike most humans a high priest such as Sejin can tap into a second reserve of energy, it is a bit stronger and it is called Spiritual Energy. It grows stronger with the will to fight and is kinda a last minute deal. It can be used only once normal energy is depleted.

    Wakemae: A large scale energy attack. The attack is used as a cut, making the energy like a blade to lash out at his foe, short ranged but effective it can cut through almost any material. White in color its secondary name is 'White Forgiveness'. Can Only be used twice in a day. (original tech)

    Kenma: Another Large Scale energy attack. More brutal, this attack is a grinder, its dark purple energy swirls constantly in the hands of its user. Also a short ranged technique it will disperse it self once it hits its target or an obstacle, unlike Wakemae. Dark-purple, its secondary name is fitting. "Black Damnation". Can Only be used twice in a day. (original tech)

    Kujiku: Suicidal to normal humans, this technique virtualy drains the normal energy of a human, luckly Sejin has a second reserve, his Spiritual Energy. This technique is used once Sejin is using both Kenma and Wakemae at the same time. He will then clap the two hands together that hold the techniques and mix them together. As a visual this technique looks like a giant levitating ball of black lighting above his head that is flowing down into his hands. The original technique of Sejin and his most powerful. Nicknamed called 'Gods Damnation'. Can only be used once in a day.

    (I hope you dont mind the format I used, I did like this one better)

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    Characters Compendium (post your characters here if not yet approved)

    Here is where you will post your characters if you have just thought of a character concept and would like to keep it here until an RPG of your interest pops up.

    Please place in the same post all of the characters that you suggest.

    As well, if your characters are in an RPG, place after your character sheet a link to the RPG they are a part of.

    Name: Laguna Loire

    Age: 51 (ish...he's an old fart...just checked him out on Wiki. With the added 7 years that passed)

    Race: Human

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 160 lbs.

    Weapons: Machine gun
    Limit Break, Desperado, involves some grenades, a lot of fire from his machinegun, and some action-movie-style camera angles.

    Spells: Has a few basic spells of most types, but hasn’t used them in a while.

    Side: Good till the end!!!...though clumsy as well.

    Occupation: Leading the Esthar Forces, watching Ellone live her life as a women and encourage her through her endeavours, and trying to write poetry for his lost love and leaving it on her tomb once a year with a bouquet of flowers.

    a detailed description : List of Final Fantasy VIII characters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Imagine him 7 years older and with one or two grey hairs.


    After becoming the President of Esthar, Laguna took decisions for the better of the people over the development of private companies. Some were against this, but the people are all with him and his faithful friends all back him completely even if a few of his decisions sound made on guesses instead of thought out decisions. Some things cannot be changed though and anything concerned with the military or research cannot be lowered in funds. So far things have gone well and if ever he seems to lean off course, his two “Advisors” bring him back on course. His adopted daughter remains important to him and lets her carry out her dreams; whatever they may be (If someone wants to be Ellone as character we’d need to have a father daughter discussion ).

    As conflicts multiplied with the Galbadian, Esthar had no choice but to heighten its defences. Laguna tried his best to keep things not going into war, but with national security having been infiltrated, nothing could be done other than call an exterior force to try and stop the chance of an all out war where many would die. Maybe it was inevitable, but having people work in the background to discourage further war could be the best course Laguna and especially his “Advisors” could think up. With this, mercenaries would be needed and the first thing that came up was SeeD in the possible candidates.

    Outside of his political occupation, Laguna tries to write poetry to take his mind off of Raine. He even tried once to write a song, but that ended up with quite a disaster as he wasn’t a very good composer/writer. He added in his notice to the mercenaries that he would employ a bonus to anyone who could write up a love song about a women named “Raine”, though he wrote it in the smallest print he could so that nobody would notice it in the bottom right corner of his letter. No one noticed this, but as the characters are smaller than 1, it is unlikely that it will be spotted by anyone with basic magnifying tools. It may seem as if he is remembering Julia, but his heart knows that it’s his way of thinking of both the women he had loved. He also likes to keep in shape, sometimes taking long walks in random places to let his ideas clear up. Often he’s told not to do so as there is a state of war, but his old habits aren’t taken down that easily so sometimes sneaks out of his quarters when no one is looking, putting him in tight spots from time to time. Guards are posted to spy on him in case he gets into too much trouble.


    Name: André Delacroix
    Nickname: Dell
    Age: 26
    Element: Dark/Gravity Bind
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Not much into weaponry, he carries a crossbow when on expeditions for personal reasons and has gotten good using it and a hunting knife serving to cut through his most frequent enemies: branches, leaves and sometimes defending himself against animals that would dare to attack him.
    Appearance: Dell has a build of an above average person because of his many explorations by foot and a light tan because of wearing mostly shorts and t –shirts in hot places lately. Behind an exploration hat and black shades, hides pair eyes, being green out in the sun and some sort of dark brown in the shadows. His light brown hair is starting to be long from an enduring expedition. Measuring about 6’1” and having a strait back, he seems in perfect health other than a few scratches here and there from plants, accidents and other things. A beard shaved with care, hair not as well maintained, teeth quite white, and a natural face seeming concerned permanently, yet with a very dreamy pose while wondering on positive/dreamy/caring moments.
    Personality:: Because of his feeling deep within and how he is now and with his true self, he is a very curious, outgoing, open minded and comprehensive person. Sometimes he tends to prefer his often solitude in the wild than anywhere else.
    Occupation: Scientist in gravitational effects around the world, visiting places similar to the Bermuda triangle and called when strange phenomenon occur.
    Weaknesses: He tends to think a lot before reacting, giving free actions to the adversary from time to time.
    He has never really fought for his dear life so may be surprised during his first confrontations.
    Merge: André can use an innate power from within to merge two similar physical or magical things (examples: same types of weapons, armour, raw material to make it more pure and other similar things) to create something having the capacities of both original things. He can only merge two things together because of the limited possibility to compress them together. He never tried because of the possible consequences that may occur, but compressing living things would certainly create something for better or worse…

    Bio: Born in a small town not too far away from a big city, André Delacroix started his life quite normally, excelling in any domain demanding scientific logic and a great curiosity of the human mind. Not making many friends as a child, he grew up mostly without any care or love only given by his parents. One day, during his 18th year on this planet, he noticed a change in himself, like if his body was not only his. He felt a strange entity within that seemed to affect him. He soon understood after making many experiences that he could compress objects together, attract them to him and “feel” gravity around him. He felt more dynamic and outgoing, wanting to see the world and have lots of fun in the process. In truth, he had these powers of an elementalist when he was younger and they could no longer stay within. Soon after finishing his studies in physics, he finally decided to do what he had wanted for a long time. He took a few of his personal things, his father’s crossbow just in case and a small case of clothing. After a few years, he could now be found near dangerous places far in the wild, crevasses of volcanoes, in underwater caverns, up high in mountains and lying down on isolated beaches to perfect his skills and take his bath, as it was quite rare on most of his trips to have time to simply lie down. His main goal became not only to perfect himself, but also to aid those he could with his powers.

    OOC>> Here is a little something I found on the internet I'll go by to use gravity wisely:

    Gravity is a result of the slowing of the In-Waves causing the wave center to move towards other Wave-Centers. Gravity has been touted as the most puzzling of the forces. Indeed, before the Wave Structure of Matter was discovered there were no explanations of gravity, only speculations. Millions of research dollars have been, and still are being spent trying to find 'gravitons', a mythical particle similar to the 'photon' which supposedly carried energy like a pack horse between two particles. In fact we now realize that this fundamental concept of motion is the cause of all the forces in nature. This is logical thinking because the motion concept contains the meaning of force.
    Gravity is caused by the Wave-Density of Space. This Wave-Density is determined by the square of the Wave-Amplitude and is always positive (squares are always positive). The Wave-Velocity is inversely proportional to the Wave-Density, the higher the Wave-Density, the slower the Wave-Velocity. As Matter and its resultant Wave-Density are always positive, this causes a slowing of In-Waves as they travel through other matter/wave-motions, and it is this property of Space that causes the natural ‘Gravitational’ attraction of all bodies, and explains why Gravity is always attractive.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    here is the second character for soldat's medieval rpg, 'world of azrabel'.
    stick around for a very promising story and lots of action

    Name: Ayanna Aezeleth
    Nickname: none
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: A small silver dagger by the name of ‘DarkSong’ that was given to Ayanna by her late father. The dagger, measuring just under a foot in length, holds a thin steel blade that seems to precipitate an unnatural absence of light. The hilt itself is strangely decorated, entangled by foreign runes and carvings. It is sheathed by a plain scabbard which Ayanna keeps by her belt. She also carries various other tools of the trade in a pouch which is also hung on her belt.

    Element: Although she dosn’t know it yet, the dagger that her father left her with is an artifact holding the essence of darkness itself. Though still dormant, the sheer magnitude of the power in 'DarkSong' cannot be fully contained, and Ayanna's physical swiftness and the constant nightmares that plague her mind are a direct result of the leaking of the essence into her body and soul. Though how much of her being is morphed before she finds out only time can tell...

    Appearance: Ayanna was born a pretty child with fair complexion. But through hardship and battle, her face now possesses many unpleasant reminders of struggles fought in the past. Small scars etch away at her soft-toned facial features, one most noticeable of them all; a thin gash running from the corner of her mouth all the way down to the side of her neck.
    Ayanna has a sturdy build for a woman, but not overly so, and her physique might well be deemed attractive by many men. Her brown hair is tied up in a pony-tail behind, and drops to her shoulders. She likes to wear light clothing in dark colors that do not hinder movement while not being too noticeable. On her brown waist belt hangs her pouch and a scabbard, which holds the dagger ‘DarkSong’.

    Personality:: Ayanna is a solitary person that likes to work alone. She doesn't have any friends nor living relatives (apart from her lost brother). Because of past experiences, she despises humanity, and steals for a living. She is untrusting of others and selfish; she is also deceptive, and notoriously greedy. Ayanna will not hesitate to (and has) kill for money.
    Occupation: Thief. Ayanna lives alone and steals what is necessary to get by in this harsh world. Some give her the label of assassin, though Ayanna would never acknowledge it as truth.

    Weaknesses: Ayanna is plagued by nightmares, visions of her tormented past, and more terrifyingly, of pasts that do not belong to her. This dark presence manifests itself sometimes as prolonged headaches, delusions, but more often than not in the form of nightmares. Ayanna's life after she had lost her parents has been a constant struggle with her self everyday, and will continue to be until she finds the cause, or until the cause takes over...
    This burden on her mind and soul, along with her solitary lifestyle makes her closed, suspicious and spiteful. She pushes away all who attempt to get close to her

    Abilities: Through years of training at an early age, Ayanna is proficient in close combat arts, mainly wielding a melee weapon or hand to hand combat. Even though she is female, in a one-on-one situation she is capable of taking down males twice her size.
    Ayanna is also blessed with unnatural agility. Her movement speed and reflexes are almost inhuman, which is partly why she is gifted in close-range combat.

    Bio: Ayanna was brought up in a privileged household. Her mother and father were relatively wealthy, and she lived a quiet life with them, along with her brother. Ayanna never knew what her parents occupation was.
    Ayanna’s father had started teaching her martial arts by the age of 5, and she had mastered most of his teachings before she turned 11. This was around the time her life took a turn for the worst.
    Coming home from the marketplace one day, she found her house ablaze. Scared and confused, Ayanna ran inside only to find her parents lying dead on the floor with stab wounds in the chest, her brother was no where to be seen. In her fathers hand was his favourite dagger, which she took before running out of the flaming house crying.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Aiora
    Age: 16
    Race: Half-Demon (neko)
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Weapons of choice: claws, sais
    Spells: healing
    Side: good
    Occupation: priestess

    Description: long brown hair, black cat ears, green cat eyes, but appears human

    Background: Mostly a wanderer, was once a hitokiri, until too much killing nearly drove her insane

    Known Jobs: priestess, hitokiri for a short while

    More Info on your character.: always kind and cheerful, always willing to lend a hand
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    name: Fayt Lingod (commonly known by his tittle "Sursr Brisnifr")
    age: not even he remembers this...
    race: believed to be a high elf, but knothing is known for certain
    hieght: 6'
    weight: 150lbs
    weapons: he is older than many ancient dragons and has mastered the use of all weapons known to the common world. but carries a longsword called Magentos and a longbow called Arbalan for his ussual wepaons.
    spells: also an extremely accomplished mage who has the largest selection of diverse, but underpowered spells known.
    side: good
    occupation: serves the God's of light

    description: few have seen his face, and those few aren't alive to tell. he wears white robes that are never soiled. his wepaons are hidden under his robes. he wears a desert style mask over his face and hair.

    backgorund: His father was killed by a underground organization and fayt's early life was spent hunting those men down to a man. afterward he traveled the length and breadth of the world training under every master of martial and magical arts he could find. therefore he is at home in all styles of fighting.

    known jobs: demon hunter, dragon slayer, destroying underground crime rings.

    other info: despite being one of the most blessed men in history both martially and magically, his body is ravaged by a disease that leaves him unable to dispense with used energy. therfore he can only cast one or two spells per day, and can only fight for 5 miuete intervals before he must wait an hour or so before finnally cooling himself to a survivable range of energy.
    Fayt has sucessfuly managed to find a supressor for this downfall, alowing him to fight at full power once a day for exactly half an hour.

    edit:new: recently "accuired" a cloak that molds to his form and takes the appearance of any kind of clothing, he now uses it to spy in the courts of corrupt nobles.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    This is my character for the world of Azrabel, soldat's rpg.

    name: Mya Weaver
    nickname: none
    age: 23
    Element: Tornado

    gender: female

    weapon: She carries no weopans except a longbow given to her by her parents

    Appearance: Mya is about 5 foot 5 with waist lenght auburn hair that is normally pulled back into two ponytails at the base of her neck. She has sea-green eyes and a fair complextion that accentuates her fine boned face. She has a slender, rather willowy figure that gives her a calm, elegant grace. She often wears simple fabrics with ornate designs she weaved herself.

    Personality: Once upon a time, Mya was a more outgoing person, but once her power emerged and her village began to shun her, she became more of a loner. Once she discovered that her emotions had a great control over her power, she honed her emotions and learned to control her power indirectly through them. And sometimes, her emotions reaches extremes, which can cloud her mind and judgement. This control she taught herself makes her seem a little hard to some people, although if anyone takes time to learn about her and get to know her, they realize that it is the way she must be.

    Occupation: Mya was born and raised by her mother to be a weaver. And she is exceptionally good at it, selling her skills along her journey to make money.

    Weaknesses: Mya has a internal fear of rejection, which is one reason she moves constantly and has such trouble making friends.

    Abilities: At the age of 19, Mya discovered her power to ask the very wind itself to do her biding. She learned to control this power by controling her emotions, which give her a greater control over her power. And her main defense is the longbow given to her by her parents. She is hard pressed to miss her target, because she often uses the wind to guide her arrow.

    Bio: Mya lived a normal life in a small village for most of her life, training to become a weaver like her mother. Until, that is, at age 19, she discovered her fiancee cheating with another woman. In a livid rage, she felt a sudden stirring of power in her, and a whirlwind came down from the skies. The whirlwind ended up killing both the fiancee and the other woman, causing the village to alienate Mya. Mya spent her time honing her emotions to better control her power over the wind, which she came to think of as more of a friend than many people. A year later, she decided to leave her town to escape the shuning and alienation. Before she left town, her father, a hunter, gave her the longbow he had taught her to use in her spare time. Since then, she has traveled more or less aimlessly, selling her weaving when she needs money. The only real friend she has made during her travels was a Shaman who gave her a small pendent that looks quite like a Celtic knot, only much more intricate. The shaman called it the sign of Mya's calling, and Mya has pondered the meaning ever since.

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Soldat's Medieval RPG

    Name: Keladria Toran
    Nickname: Kel
    Age: 23
    Element: Rain
    Gender: Female

    Weapon: Kel never uses weapons. That is unless all else fails. She has two daggers stuck in sheaths slipped into holsters on here thighs. Martial arts is the only natural weapon she possess. Capoiera, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, Kenpo and Wushu.

    Appearance: Her midnight black hair, sweeps to the middle of her back, is always kept tied up in a french braid, to keep the heat of her back. Her attire consists of black tanktops and black shorts that set off her smooth chocolate brown skin. Being 5'4 and 130 pounds, Kel knows she's a petite woman. However, cross her and you will no longer think her cute.Her facial features remind many of the Indians or an African tribe. Last but not least, are her eyes. A striking mixture of green and light brown, her eyes always shine with keen intelligence.

    Personality: Because of many hardships in her short life, Kel isnt very talkative around strangers. The few words she make speak are pretty thought out, making it vital to the listener to understand. Though, if you can get behind her watchful nature? Just as the rain she can be fairly soft.

    Rain- Have you ever felt the wrath of a thunder storm? Trust me, you want the rain to end sometimes. Not only can she control thunder clouds, her power deviates to many other nasty weather events that rain contributes. She can also heal wounds with a soft drizzle.

    Bio: She never really tells anyone about her past, anyone. Growing up in the Isles of toran was hard for her. Her life as a female warrior wasnt grand. At the age of 18, she left her birthplace to wander in hopes of finding something better.

    At the moment, Kel lives nowhere. She travels from tavern to tavern, unsure of what life has in store for her.
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