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Thread: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    name: darkflames
    Race white
    Spells: thunder strike,icespikes,fireblast,darkness of death
    Side good
    occupation: A angel of death that kills all that is evil and trys to harm the peace of any of the worlds. He is also a gardian angel to the little kids gaurding them if any bullys are beating them up he comes in and stops them.
    Then his other job is half police man cause he always saves people but he looks like a regualr person except for his wings so he does not wear the police outfit.

    When was little he started gaining these powers. He started growing wings like an the age of 20. Then he decided to protect the earth from these killers and all of the evil people.Then he found out that he does not
    have to eat at all.When he grew his wings everyone thought he was weird and a freak. But then years later they started to except him and then thats when he decide to protect everyone from the evil.
    Known jobs:use to be a pizza maker in newyork.. for bob frank and this place was huge not only did they make pizzas they made everything else.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    for Soldat's Medieval RPG

    Name: Narusis tsukami
    Weapon: thin, chopstick like knives that she keeps in her hair.
    Appearance: 161 cm hight with dark blonde hair that she keeps up with what looks like chopsticks, slim figure, she wears a short, dark green, chinese style dress with slits in the side for movement, with dark brown cargo pants underneath. she has lightning blue eyes under think lashes and a soft, full lips.
    Personality: she literally has a split personallity, but she is a fun loving girl who treats people with respect.
    Occupation: she likes to go around doing assasins work, even though she is not allowed too, for the fun of it because she really doesnt need the money.
    Weaknesses: tends to think that eveyone she meets is a good person and that ofter gets her in trouble, or kidnapped! she hates being in small stone rooms because is hinders her powers.
    Abilities: is quite skilled at getting out of places unnoticed and sneaking.
    Bio: she is the princess of this fare city and does her duities to her people, when she was seven, a great bolt of lightning struck the caravan she was in, it and everyone in it should have die but nari seemed to absorb the bolt, a while after that the air around her became charges with static and those who got too close to her where shocked, so she learned to control the static and bend it to her will, now she can charge large amounts of static and rapidly compress them into bolts of lightning. because of her parent rolls she didnt get to see them and was constantly overlooked, because of this she is always looking for acknowledgement that she exists by being as playful as possible, mostly by running away from the castle and playing in the city.

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    This character i will RP on is from FMA. I have longed to RP it and so its the best place i could share the info about it...

    Name: Pride
    Age: unknown but looked like an ordinary teen
    Gender: Male
    Race: Homunculi
    Power: Telepathy and immortality
    Bio: He was made to be the philosopher's stone and has escaped from his creator. He became lost and he cannot even remember his past and so he searched for it.....
    Weakness: His remains when he was still alive.(If there is)
    Image:just look at my avatar.

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Issei or Issei-chan
    Element:ice(subsitute for now i guess ~.~)
    Gender: female
    Weapon: Rose wipe....and ocassionally arrows and bows
    Appearance: Wavy light brown hair with blond streaks, soft peach skin, and little white wings (of which i can pull inside my body) Is wearing a black sleaveless sweater with a ziper in the front with a black mini skirt.
    Personality:Sweet happy and hyper always up for a good friendly fight to get my blood pumping ( i am know for saying sorry often)
    Occupation: I am a waitress
    Weaknesses: loosing a love, and ice attacks
    Bio: was cursed with wings after trying to save her sisters soul, by making a deal with an evil person. People have a feare for the unnatural so i hide my wings unless need. For the people that do they call me the fallen angel. My Family before my wings are a faint memory in my mind as if they were locked away from me
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name:Jin Namura
    Age: 19
    Race: human
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 160
    Weapons of choice: bo staff, two katanas, four kunai
    Spells: none
    Side: neutral
    Occupation: Assassin
    Description: Jin has long dark black hair that reaches down to just below mid-back that's always tied up in a ponytail. He is well-toned muscularly and his skin is tanned slightly. He wears a black skin-tight training shirt, baggy black easy-to-move in jeans, and dark brown combat boots. He has a black and dark blood red cloak that reaches down to his ankles. He has a bandaged wrapped around his left forearm, a wrist band on his right arm, an arm band around his right arm, and four chains running between the two. He has a slot on both forearms and legs for his kunai, the two katanas ride on his hips, and the bostaff rides on his back. The bostaff has a string and a crystal shaped as a tear drop hanging off one end of it.
    Background: Jin's parents were killed when he was three so he was raised by his 18-year-old brother who left the family before Jin was born. Jin's brother - Ashika - taught him the art of assassinry starting at the young age of five. Ever since then Jin has been an assassin for hire.
    Known Jobs: Assassin
    More Info on your character: Jin is cold-hearted and very cocky. He is not afraid to do what he is supposed to do but he also will not hesitate to take matters into his own hands.

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Logan Fennel

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 174 lbs

    Spells: Fire, Blizzard, Lightning, and Cure (Simple beginner spells)

    Limit Break: Medusa’s Gaze: When used, all attacking enimies become petrified. Medusas gaze can also turn people back from petrification!

    Side: Balamb/SeeD

    Occupation: Student at garden

    Description: Logan is tall and slim, with blonde spiky hair. He has visible muscles on his arms and legs. His complexion is brilliant having tanned skin and misty grey eyes.

    Background/History: Logan was abandoned as a baby left on the doorstep of a family in Obly, which is a small town just north of Esther. Even at a young age Logan was a born protector and had ‘special’ abilities that allowed him to peacefully drive the monsters away. So he served as the town’s protector from the monsters that came to scourge the little village. He did so even from the young age of 5 until that day came…

    Logan had gone to the city of Esther to help the town elder gain supplies when the Lunar Cry hit. His village was overwhelmed by the monsters and the town was ravaged leaving the town’s people dead or dying, including his adopted family. Devastated and blaming himself, Logan never wanted to show his face in the town he had so failed to protect, so he left.

    For 7 years, he was a vagabond, until he scrapped together enough money, in order to travel to Balamb so he could apply for Garden. Now he is a new student there and he wishes to atone for what he failed to do once before…protecting others.

    More info: Logan has the power/ability of "The eyes of Fuana", which allows him to calm most weak monsters and can also be used to persuade people with weak minds to do what he wants!

    I'm with the Final fantasy RPG thread!

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Cremator
    Spells:Various Ninjutsu and streangth enhancing magiks.( Haste, Water Dragon Missle, Jump, Beserk, Dispel, Dopple ganger).
    Weapons: Kunai, Shurukens, Dragon Lance.
    Occupation:Ninja/ Dragoon

    Description:Tall with Honey like hair with black highlights and bangs. His skin is that of bronze, and has a mark like this on his fore arm. This signifies his loyalty to himself.

    Backround:Not much is known about him but mor might reveal itself through progress.

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Meka LaSalvin
    Nickname: Mek
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Element: water
    Weapon: Crossbow and fist
    Abilities: Voice of Bliss, when she sings all who hear her slowly freeze to death.
    Weakness: Her Heart, if her heart is struck by a sword or dagger the wound is fatal.
    Personality: Quite and she keeps to herself, unless she sees that someone is really worth trusting.
    Appereance: 5'6, 115 lbs. has long black hair and grey eyes, her figure is slender and toned, she has a birthmark on the left side of her neck, she has pale skin tone and wears red lipstick with black clothing.
    Occupation: assassin
    Bio: Meka doesn't enjoy reliving in her past. She travels the earth looking for jobs such as assassinations or stealing valuables. At a young age Meka ranaway from home because of her family's cruelness, she became a rouge. Under the instruction of Master Gunda Meka mastered the martial arts of different styles of kung-fu, jundo, karate, and muay thai. She became vengfull when her master was murdered for not wanting to join a war against the reign of a cruel king. She went against her master's rules when she killed a man involved in her master's death. She was banned from the temple and charged with treasons against Master Gunda. Now she roams the land alone looking for reasons to kill, or reasons to love skin is pale and wears red lipstick with black tight clothes.
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