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Thread: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    My character for Soldat's Medieval role-play

    Name: Louisa
    Nickname: Hotaru –meaning: Firefly-
    Age: 21
    Element: Fire
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Double long sword and crossbow
    Appearance: Petite and slim, she gives the image of being a weak city girl, as someone who can be easily taken advantage of. Her hazel eyes would flash dangerously when she starts to get irritated. Her figure leaves much to be desired, and it aids her much in her course of work. She usually prefers to wear a modest long-sleeved blouse and cargo pants, topped with a dark brown cloak. Measuring about 4 foot 8, Louisa tends to be shorter than children in their teenaged years. Lightly tanned skin and a foreign look helps her disguise herself as a wandering trader
    Personality: Quiet, Louisa tends to keep her counsel to herself, but when she decides that an acquaintance is worth making a friend, she would open up more about herself. She prefers to rely on her human abilities instead of her elemental ones, reading auras is a last resort when she decides that she is not able to discern friend from foe. She will always respond to a plea of help, be it to heal someone, or rescue a child from the wolves.
    Occupation: As a trader, Louisa can go just about anywhere in the world. No one would question a trader attempting to get rich by searching or a mystical item. She deals more with farm goods, and herb lore.
    Weaknesses: She is too impulsive, usually does not think over what strategies she can use against a foe while in normal life and in battle. She tends to day dream too much, making her a vulnerable target.
    Abilities: Firefly, using that ability, she can dart around at the speed of light to make an escape or catch an opponent unawares
    Bio: She was born into a family that dealt with the trading of their remote village located near the Elrose Ocean. At the age of ten, all children were to be sent to be an apprentice in fishing, smithing, farming, herding, or trading. Being the daughter of the head tradesmen, it was expected that Louisa would be the one that her father handed the reins over to. At the age of ten, the herbalist spotted Louisa as one with talent in that field, it came about as a surprise to the entire village, never had the herbalist ever taken an apprentice in all her thirty years of work. Her family vehemently opposed to the decision, despite the village chief’s approval of the apprenticeship, and vowed to get even one day. When she turned 18, her vision and sense of smell, hearing, and touch greatly increased. She confided in her mentor and was advised to flee before any of the superstitious villagers found out. Weeks later, she suddenly woke up, her entire body torched with fire, with the village being burned down. She grabbed whatever supplies she could and ran off into the darkness. Shamed by her inability to control the fire that lay in her, she put herself through many hardships and learnt to fend for herself in the wild

    For Cartoon King's Ki Masters

    Name: Hotaru Wu

    Age: 17

    Dojo/City: Saru City



    Side: Neutral

    Ki/Chi/Aura colour: Shades of Brown and Green and a hint of red

    Appearance: Small and lithe, the dull colours of her dark green blouse and brown pants keep unwonted attention away from her. She occasionally dons a traditional dark-red Chinese outfit for night outings The first feature most notice, her eyes are bright yellow, resembling gold, and always hold a mischievous glint. With lightly tanned skin and oriental looks, She can easily be mistaken for an outsider, but is of a pure Chinese lineage. Well endowed, with high cheek bones and thick charcoal-black hair that cascades down her back in layers, she can manipulate her looks to her advantage, to buy over any man, with dirty thoughts of course. she is nimble on her feet and just the way traditional Chinese like it, her feet are dainty

    Personality: Though a fun-loving female, she generally keeps to herself, only opening up to several fellow Dojo mates and close friends. Hotaru is wary of placing her trust in anyone, but once she decides to do so, she would be loyal to her friend until a situation pushes her do otherwise. Beware though, when she is pushed past her boundaries of calm and into anger. she can be very aggressive when provoked, and will not hesitate to inflict any hurt on those who truly wish her harm. But under her seemingly cold exterior, lies a heart of gold. Hotaru will never hesitate to help any in need, willing to plunge her life to respond to a plea for help, be it to heal someone, or save another from bullies. she is also impulsive at times, more so when she is angry

    Hobbies: Hotaru regularly takes frequent trips to the forest to observe wild life, their contribution to nature and the way they defend themselves or attack another. She also collects plants specimens to learn more about their properties and how they would benefit others. Singing is also a favourite past-time of hers, but only unsuspecting passer-bys have ever chanced upon her while singing

    MA Moves:

    1.Primate Chatter. Manipulating her voice box, she would produce a series of disconcerting chattering-like noises (which can be altered to suit her needs) to throw her opponent off concentration. At the same time, she would be leaping around in a seemingly random manner before taking the opponent by surprise with a sudden leap into the air, spinning thrice in quick succession to gain momentum and finally swinging her leg to hit a soft spot, neck etc.

    2.Twisting Confusion. First leap towards the opponent, and when inches from them, twisting muscles to change direction. All done in rapid succession to confuse the the opponent. When it is least expected, aim for the spot and don't change direction at the moment, before repeating the process again.

    3.Subtle Loss. When attacked, instead of retaliating, defend. When the opponent is exhausted and expects no retaliation, dart in and hit them hard in the stomach, for they will lose their breath.

    4.Tactless Fighter. Just leaping into the fight with apparent thoughtlessness and using both hands and feet to attack the opponent. [hand - neck (in hopes of paralysis). Feet - legs (sweep them off their feet) / Stomach (force them to double over and be vulnerable to attacks until they recover)

    Weapon: Whip

    Ki Techniques:

    Monkey See, monkey Do. Ki that takes multiple forms of unpredictable monkeys of different sizes, the larger ones would first attack from all directions and the smaller one would follow suit to inflict damage

    Fingertip Absorption. All living things have Ki. Ki that has been collected for her benefactor - nature, will be gathered at her fingertips, or occasionally when she has no other choice, selectively from a group of healthy living humans who can afford the lost of Ki. After which, she would direct the Ki to where it is needed.

    Darting Plants. Ki take the shape of thorny yet deceptively beautiful plants, and fling thorn-like darts at unsuspecting people

    Bio: She had been abandoned from young and turned to the forest for refuge. Everything that she had learnt, had come from interacting with animals that had grown close to her, or by observing the animals as they went about their natural business. She had a tight bond with the monkeys in the forest, for they were most alike to humans, hence her monkey-like abilities. Then nine, she was chanced upon by the Master of the Saru City Dojo while collecting food reserves. The Master took her in on account of her affinity with monkeys and was aptly named Hotaru, for she had a disconcerting ability to move quickly from one place to another and lit up the world of the older folks with her gentle care. However, none but herself knows her name. Or knew her name, for the years in the forest had limited her speech. And even though she had quickly picked up neccessary conversation skills, she never quite remembered her real name, but only her surname. So far, she is still only a student of the Dojo, but aims to be the sensei one day.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Talon
    Age: 18
    Race: Half-Demon(Hawk)
    Hight: 5"11'
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Weapons of choice: twin swords
    Spells: power to create powerful wind
    Side: Neutral
    Occupation: ruruoni

    Description: long Black Hair, with blonde streaks, golden eyes, medium build

    Background: Being orphaned by a group of bandits which killed my mother, my father has never been around

    Known Jobs: once assassin

    More Info on your character: quite sarcastic, and doesnt enjoy fighting unless needed to, can be kind, but with a cold personallity, doesnt get close to some people

    thanx for the sig Aiora

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    This character is for Soldat of life's rpg world of azreabel

    Name: Jace Armegedon
    Element: Demonic Darkness
    Weapon: Double handed sword named Arcana. A masterpiece made by jaces fore fathers but darkness from within jace has corrupted the blade. the edge can never dull and the blade can never rust due to the metal the blade is made out of. the sword is also extremely light for its size
    Appearance:Jace is a slim muscular 17 year old boy. he has long black pointy hair that drapes over his soldiers. his light skin has black marks as the darkness inside him taints his wounds black as it heals him. Jace stands about '5'9" tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has dark bushy eybrows and his eyes are dark blue with deep hint of darkness in them. Jace has no facial hair but has a dark mark running across his cheeck. and on his back runs a large black scar. his clothes is a regular unassuming black shirt with baggy pants. he also has a cape across his back which hides his long two handed sword
    Personality:Jace is a anylitical, silent type and very thoughtfull about other peoples feelings.
    Occupation: Blacksmith, Sword Master
    Weaknesses: Jaces power is also his weakness. The darkness always seeks to consume him and take his soul. When ever Jace calls upon the darkness inside of him another part of him is consumed
    Abilities: Jace can call upon the darkness inside him to destroy his enemys. He can morph it and shape it into any weapon or shoot it
    Bio: Jace was brought up in a country far away from the big citys where there was a great amount of piece. Jace's father Arthrun was a well known blacksmith throughout the land and taught Jace everything he knows. When Jace was born his mother died giving birth to him.

    Though at 15 Jace was a great blacksmith he was an exceptional warrior he would sometimes while his parents were sleeping sneek out at night with his sword and train. sometimes at night a passerby would challenge him even if they where at least 20 years older and he would always win. one night his father found out and scolded him about such nonsense. he said that they lived in a peacfull time and that all this was not necessary. but Jace knew that was not so.
    so without his fathers permission he left to become a better swordsman

    Over the years Jace had become famous in the country side until one fatefull night when the full moon was in the sky. Jace had been having many dark nightmares before and he had a sick sense of forboding as he walked along the road between two long rows of trees . in front of him was the only person he had ever loved and a caravan of merchants. He was to protect them for this area was prone to bandit attacks. and then it happened. arrows rained down from the sky striking two of the merchants in the head and chest. they came from both sides and jumped the caravan before jace had the time to draw his sword. Suddenly Jace saw stars as the bandit leader, a broad muscular fellow, slashed Jace through the back with a hefty axe crippling him instantly. Jace watched as the ones he were to protect and the one he loved were killed in front of him. Rain poured down as Jace began to black out

    The rain poured down on jace as his wound steadily bled onto the earth. Jace cryed as he thought about the horrible occurance that night. But before jace died a darkness covered him and entered his wounds. Jace howled in pain but soon it stopped and black marks remained. Inside Jace he had felt a heavy dark weight pressed against him and felt sick. He also felt a deep rage. he followed the tracks of the bandits which led to a small village. Jace reached out his hand and darkness consumed.

    When Jace awoke he saw that he was surrounded in a flaming burning village. bodys lied everywhere. not just the bandits bodys but also childrens.... Jace shuddered and convulsed as he remembered last nights occurances. he also remembered the darkness and how it consumed him and mutliplied his hate.
    From that day forth Jace had vowed to rid himself of this darkness and atone for this crime he has committed.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Alfie Winters

    Age: 18

    Race: Human

    Height: 5"7'

    Weight: 120 lbs

    Weapons of choice: Twin Katana's and Broadsword

    Darkness - Alfie can absorb the sorrow and pain around him to increase his physical attributes, such as strength and speed. He can also convert the pain and sorrow into powerful black flame based attacks.
    Air - Alfie can command the wind to produce strong gales that help propel him at incredible speeds. Used primarily to slow opponents and speed him up.
    Lightning - The pain and sorrow in raw essence is in the form of lightning. By creating sparks, he can create the powerful black flame which is his signature. He can use the raw power in itself to cause heavy, non-flame based, damage...

    Side: Not interested in taking sides, but only fights for his own purposes.

    Occupation: Demon Slayer.

    Description: Alfie has shoulder-length white hair, and red eyes. He wears a white 20th Anniversary Zelda T-Shirt under a short sleeved Nintendo DS shirt. His trousers are adorned with sewn-in sprites of characters that appeared on 2D Nintendo consoles. His excuse is "A gamer is a gamer regardless of their job...".
    Taking on slight physical attributes of the Dragon soul inside him, his canines are sharper than normal, fooling many into the facade that he is a Vampire. Also, when Alfie unleashes all his power, his hidden black wing unfurls, and because of this, many in his world dub him as The True Sephiroth...

    Background: In his own world Alfie is the leader of the Dragon Clan, a group of special people who have two souls: One human, another, Dragon. He is looked up by all in his Clan for not only his almost unnatural skill with swords, but for his unwavering resolve. Alfie is the Keeper of Rayne's soul, and as such, is given access to the powers that a Dragon holds. His world is ravaged by a war that has been going on for the last 4000 years. The ones known as Greater Demons wage war against the planet, only killing humans if they get in there way. The only people capable of fighting back against the Great Demon's and their armies, is the three Dual Soul Clans.
    Having celebrated an advantageous win against the Greater Demons, Alfie is wandering to become a stronger warrior and to find out where the Greater Demons came from.

    More Info on your character: A strong-willed Warrior, and an unmatched Swordsmaster, Alfie has an overpowering personality. He cares little for the safety and welfare of innocents, and only looks to protect himself and those close to him. Rayne offers guidance, and can sometimes be seen in physical form. Alfie became less trusting of people when the President of the Northern Continents tried to manipulate him into fighting a war he had no place in.

    Favourite Quote: "I need a Shower..." usually said after a battle.

    ~"You can't do everything just because you have the heart and power to do it..." Lacus Clyne~

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    name: Makudan Hirutu
    Age: Unknown but says that he's 16
    Race: American/japanese
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'11
    Weight: 250
    Spells: Elemental spells
    Special: Able to transform into a beast with six tales/ Able to turn his swords into Beasts/ Able to multiply his swords for more beasts
    Side: Kills for protecting his loved ones
    Weakness: Spazes and blinds himself [only against perverted people][ hates people taking advantage of others]
    occupation: English Teacher in Japan and demon hunter
    Weapon: Large Dual edged sword thats about 6 inches wide and 2 meters long. It weighs about 200 lbs
    - Hair: Long, pulled back and tied up. Bangs are still there. Blood red hair
    - Face: Sharp canines, has demonic and yellow eyes
    - Body: Quite toned with a tatoo [heart with claws clenching it] on the left part of his chest
    - Clothes:
    - Shirt: A ninja battle suit [no sleeve]
    - Pants: Baggy and white with a few japanese letters on thes saying," kill to love, and love to kill"
    - Belt: Cloth belt and a strap for sword sheath
    - Shoes: Normal Running shoes with fire wing insignia
    Personality: Makudan has a very dark nature that somehow makes everyone run away from him. He never liked perverted people, when ever he saw somthing perverted going on he would immediatly pick up his enormous sword and just randomly hit hoping he hit the person
    History: Makudan Was born in a special clan called " The Feii Clan" which is a clan that is able to steal other ablilites. The clan was made based on a six tailed wolf called the Feii wolf. Makudan was born Diffrently. He was born by Spirit particles, because of this he was givin enormously large amoounts of power. After this wasd figured out when he was ten, he was exiled from the clan and was to live alone. A few hundred yers past and Makudan is a good hearted yet dark English teacher. He is loved by his students and is filthy rich[ not liking it much though]. He obtained the money with 5 years of singing.

    Story line also made by me ><

    I praise the one who is able to win it all and still live for it...[/CENTER

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Oujou Akaash
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Sub Race: Half Dark Elf (human/Svart√°lfar-dark elf-)
    Class: Monk/Psionic
    Occupation: Assassin for Hire

    His fighting skills are unrivalled by none other. He learned and became a master of multiple forms of armed and unarmed combat at a very young age (15). His mundane skills Akaash is still learning are Escapology, stealth and acrobatics.

    Akaash can manuplite his body chi to reaching increadiable feats. Using the body Chi he learned he can increase the body capablities to increadiable levels such as speed, strength, Enhanced senses, reflexes, instincts, perfect balance and equilibrium, mind magics, even regenerative/self healing etc only at the highest level (but not yet).. and because he is a prodigal child Akaash has reached a higher consciousness, achieving new feats beyond that of a norm. Even though he is young he is powerful in his own right.

    Mind Magics: Like all monks there ultimate goal is to achive enlightnment. To do that there mind has to be strong and clear. Drawing on the personal energies of the caster and the creatures that are within reach, weavings of this energy are made with the mind and at times the voice of the caster. This kind of magic is by nature very subtle. Akaash has been thought tought the art of mind magic and he is extreamly gifted because he was born with it. He even knows when someone is lying or not.

    Hair colour: Whilte Hair
    Hair style: naturaly spily wavy hair yet a little short, not reaching the shoulder blades.
    Skin Colour: Light chocolate brown
    Eye colour: Almost transparent brown like eyes almost gold.
    Height: 5"9'
    Build: musculer/Slim but flexable.

    Akaash is a unique figure that is not so short or not too tall, around 5"11. His skin color is that of a dark chocolate brown, a unique color among the world. He has a slender complexion and sharp almost transparent brown like eyes. Since Akaash is a half elf his ears is only slightly pointed. He is muscular and yet slim. Extreamly agaile, flexabe and light footed.

    His clothing goes just as well as his unique heritage. He wears a simple black or white shirt.
    On both his hands he wears padded gloves that fit the entire hand. Akaash wears loose leather pants that hug around his legs.

    He is a very quite yet frendly. An assassin with a concious. He doesn't care about the authorities or the higher status and he doesn't really care about profit but just to get food on the table. He considers law beneath him. A free spirit. Although sometimes lazy he has a one track mind when it comes to women.
    When fighting against beautiful women, enimeas or not, distracts him from all the drooling and the women seems to take advantage of this which seems to land him in most dire situations. But he's a fighter. Always fighting. Mentally and physically. Always trying to break his dark shell. Still trying to achieve enlightnment.
    He has a high metabolism and because of that he loves to eat food with gusto. But in the end he is a killer. A hired conract killer that gets the job donel. If the coustmer tricks him using some magic trick or not pay him the requirements then he would make an example to the others to see. He is not a cruel person. He does not torment others for pleasure. He only kills. He is not prejudiced against other races because he himself is different and most likly the first sub race to exist in all of Idavoll.


    - Racial: Because of his unique heratige Akaash has both aspects of Human and a Dark Elf. This grants him dark vision which means he can live both underdark and in the surface world. This also grants him stronger affinity to manupliting Chi and highten sences.

    Combat: He is a master at his field of all assortsments of unarmed and armed combat, His speciality is silant killing and fighting multiple fighters at the same time. He is unpredictable when it comes to fighting and always improvising. Never doing the same thing twice. Always make the opponent guess and leave no room for thinking. When he really gets going using the mind arts he becomes the embodiment of a warrior. An incarnate killer.

    Social: For a killer one would have thought he was a brooding manuplitive bastard. But he is a nice guy that gets well with others yet when it comes to his job he leaves no room for personal feelings unless they are kids. He doesn't befrend or gets close to anyone that is his target.

    Intelligence: Akaash is a prodigal child. A one in a centuries. He has increadiable knowledge in martial arts or mundane studies. He can write and read several languages.


    One of his greatest weekness and his greatest stregnts is unparalleled daring. He sometimes does things without thinking even if it was a trap and many dangers lies ahead. Sometimes he looses control of him self if he was pissed off. He becomes reckless and it leaves many openings that can kill him.

    Goals: His secondary goal in life is to learn the many different cultures and there beliefs as well as the different and unique martial arts in the many races of world. His true goal however is to achieve true enlightenment.


    Oujou's detictive skills are good like all Assassins are suppose to be. The once he knew anyway. But he was never good enough. If it weren't for a secret informer then he never would have figured out where this boss is.

    Neither would he have figured out that the trail would lead to hundreds of feet below ground of a very large caravan thats large enough to fit 2 great villeges with hundreds of statalities all around the place. It looks like the cave was natural and the smoothness of the wall and the clear cut is man made.

    Dropping down to the ground as agaile and souldlessly as a cat he moved that would make any cat envy. The stillness was quite unlike a forest. Not a sound can be heard and the darkness was suffocating for any normal people, but not for the Assassin. Getting out a small map of this large place he started to follow the path towards the underground Citadal.

    The purpose of this powerbase is unknown. The leaders are unknows. The workings of these agents are unknows. The job was to eleminate the boss. Oujou does not ask question. It's his job, pure and simple.

    The air seems to go alot smoother than the one below. Meaning Oujou is near to the powerbase.

    Ducking under a cliff, his eyes widened when he saw the powerbase. It was like a citadal built into the walls it self. this place is huge. The outer wall is completly made of metal propobly steel. Everything is underground. Kind of like the Dark elves. But for the humans to actually survive here of all places was...interesting. Oujou knew this would get interesting.

    The security of this place is be tight. Finding a nearby large metal door built into a wall guarded two low level ninjas with a strange ensignia he couldn't quite clearly see because of the darkness. Oujou disepeared into the shadows.

    Something: He worship no single god nor live in any temple. Rather, he is a wanderer, seeking enlightenment in the union of their physical selves with the spiritual force of the Tao, or Path. They are primarily men of peace, eschewing the blade and the rod, as they have no purpose but to kill and maim. But men of peace do not survive long in a desperate and lawless world, so while the monks reserve themselves from physical violence, they have become extraordinary hand to hand fighters. Their technique is that of the wilds, their inspiration the movements of animals and the beasts of legend. Those same legends speak of their sacred duty, beyond personal transcendence, to protect the innocent and spread righteousness. And so they come to the field of battle.

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    Smile Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Tri Magnificat
    Nexus Luna
    9 Head Dragon Strike
    Power Slam
    10 Testaments(Ultima Skill:99%)
    Two-handed Sword
    Reginlief,Solar God Broadsword (has 3 parts)

    Biodata:Michael is an ex-HAVOC,an organization working for the government.He quited when he couldnt do anything to save his best friend.Now a professional mercenary,he encounters a girl named Faye.Faye lost her memory in the form of feathers.Now Michael and Faye embark on an adventure to recover her memory.

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Heres my character

    Name:Xephur Koboni

    race: african american/ french



    Weapon: power within

    Special abilities: read peoples mind, levitate high off the ground, making music,

    occupation: assassin for lord shadic

    peronality: evil, quiet, and dark spirited.

    strengths:People who fear him and are afraid of him

    weaknesses:memory flashes of the death of his parents

    hobbies:dj'ing, writing music, fighting, drawing, raving in nightclubs

    location: The deep depths of the fantasy world (in ur nightmares)

    food: chinese/japanese food.
    other: doesn't like to be around others

    Bio: Xephur is a living spirit. When he was born both his parents were executed by lord shadic. So he seeks revenge. When he was young he belonged to a special group (gang of assassins) called "shadowskin". Wierd name but very powerful clan. He was young but extrmely skilled with amazing speed like no other child.When he was 8 he had to assassin 3 of 5 phsycics of lord shadic. He was informed that these three members were involved in the execution of his parents. And so he did. He wanted to make sure that they deserved every inch of pain, for the death of his parents. He hung them and left them their to rot. Since then, nobody has witnessed the killer of their death. 8 years passed and he wanted to get revenge on the other 2 phycics of lord shadic. These members were known to be very powerful. So xephur fought them in a realm of fire. Little did he know you could get in but not escape. So only one could survive. Both Rengo and dradenia had swords. THey fought a long and Xephur was stabbed in the heart by rengo. The same placed that his mother and father was stabbed. He had gone through major pain the whole night. Screaming in pain with not a hint of a soul around. The realm started to callapse and the moonlight shined through. He noticed his bones changing, switchin direction, his muscles building up, hair forming on the back of his neck, his eyes turning ice blue. He looked up to the sky trying to yell in pain as his voice faded into the howling of a likken. His body was giving up and he took his last breath. It felt like the longest time of his life, everything in the world was going in slow motion, and he finally collapsed. His dead body levitated off the ground and his spirit escaped. It looked exactly like a clone coming out of his body. The spirit flew to the sky, and looked back at the realm. The spirit saw the dead body their lying on the ground as ashes, wood, and debris fell to the ground.....
    Even thogh xephur died, his spirit still remains. He haden't lost his powers, or his abilties. It's like as if he were still alive. But he did find out that he had developed a new power(tranformation), evolution, of a likken. As his spirit still joureys the world he will soon find , lord shadic, and get revenge on the evil hatred person, that killed his loved ones..
    the end...
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    "All art is born of suffering"

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