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Thread: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Ariele Winsara A.K.A. "Spring"
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'8"
    Eyes: Olive green
    Hair: Midnight Black
    Spells(Power): Water Rhapsody, Ice Shadow, Water Charmer, Ice Spikes,Wild Vines, Fireworks, Lightning Crash, Earth Rumble, Ensnare, Viper's Dance
    Side: Neutral
    Occupation: Dancer

    Description: She wears a green tank top with a denim skirt in green boots. On her upper left part of her chest is a symbol she was born with that represents Life. For a weapon she keeps a dagger hidden in her boot. Other than that she keeps tambourines attached to her belt on her skirt.
    Background/History:Ariele Winsara was born with the abilities of Mother Nature. Her people didn't understand her gift and cast her away into the forest. Somehow with the help of the animals of the forest, the divine wind, and Mother Nature's protection, she grew up to be a beautiful woman. Ariele soon wanted to see more of the world. And so her journey begins....

    Known Jobs: Works in pubs whenever she needs cash.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    **Note- My Character Is from The One Piece Universe ^_^**
    Nickname: Joker, Jiin, Jokerjiin
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Power: **Boost Boost Fruit** Boost His Physical Strengths for A Set Amount of Time.
    Weapon: Brass Knuckles Made Up Of the Best Steel in the World
    Crew: The Jokercity Pirates
    Position: Captain
    No. Of Members: 15 Excluding Me
    Bio: As the son of a famous pirate, I try to become the man my father was. By doing that I gathered up the strongest, smartest men and women to join my crew. I uh…hehehehe kinda ate a devils fruit by mistake! But I don’t regret it at all. You see my father was also a devil fruit user and to me this is a sign that I will someday be like him. My bounty for now is up to 200,000,000 beri (Dollars) for defeating a man named enel who was bent upon world destruction when he truly found out about “Vearth”. My Bounty before was only 30,000,000, and that was for sinking a marine ship…BY ACCSDENT! I sail the sea on a ship called “The Cross Skull” and continue my adventures to fulfill my dream of being like my dad, hanging with friends….and getting some money!
    Image: Looks like My Signature Pic, Jin Kazama From Tekken
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Zyta (not his real name and only a handful know of it)
    Age: 18
    Race: Demi-god
    Hight: 5"11
    Weight: 145
    Weapons of Choice: Naginata with two daggers
    Spells: manipulation of energy that is his and can channel it form his body to attack/defend with.
    Side: more good then evil
    Occupation: Mercenary


    Clean, straight face that is often veiled by a thin line of black, stringy hair. Otherwise people would stare at his eyes, both of which are very dark blue and have no depth, no feeling, and forever mysterious to all scholars and students alike. his build is muscular, but more nimble and agile then at first appearance. He is extremely quick.


    Sorry, i'm extremely self-conscious of my characters and writing pieces being stolen so i shall withhold this section. again me ish sorry.

    Other Character Info: He has a special necklace that...

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)


    Age: Appears 18

    Race: Chronos(humanoid being that have evolved from humans. Physical and mental capabilites far outway that of and ordinary human.Main differences between the species is that chronos have the wings of an angel, and have a livespan that is longer than even elves. The chronos also have the inate ability to heal themselves. It is a rapid regeneration triggered with the beings spiritual energy)

    Weapon:Jace has a two handed sword named Arcana, It is about three feet longer than a claymore and three feet wide. its thickness is one or two feet thick. Inscriptions run up the blade. These icscriptions have a magical property that grants the weapon invulnerability, and extreme lightness

    Armor:Jace crafted an armor made of a legendary material know as concrescent white diamond orichalcum.
    It allows the armor to be light as well as protect him from many different types of attacks. On his helmet Jace installed a six set optical surveylance sytem so he can see in any direction and predict oncoming attacks.Its shaped like the armor Seu wears off of the manga !BLAME!

    Zantetsuken- an impossibly fast cut that can render even concrescent white diamond orichalcum in half. Moves Jace faster than light.

    Battle Precognition-Jace can see his opponents moves before they execute them allowing him to block easier

    Crescent Blade Arts- a series of offensive and defensive attacks. Here are the ones Jace can use. He can use wangetsukire and omoiwangetsukire without saying the name.

    Issenkire-One thousand crescent energy slashes that can be unleashed at once. very destructive energy that explodes on impact

    Wangetsukire- The most basic form of the crescent blade. Spirit energy is used to unsheash a crescent like energy slash capable of cutting most things in half.

    Omoiwangetsukire-A stronger version fo the wangetsukire. A bigger energy slash that can cut almost everything in two.

    Andoutowarakasshayuikire-(And-ow-towara-cash-a-yui-kire) A mele slash so powerfull it cannot be blocked by any normal object. If blocked opponent can very well be knocked uncounsious by the sheer magnitude of the force. specializes in breaking opponents defenses.

    seishou shi-rudo- a defensive shield that allows Jace to regenerate any major injuries. Cant be entered or destroyed by normal means.(you must pull off a powerfull attack to destroy it.) Unaffected by magic because its an energy shield.

    Kyouretsusumiyaka-Jace uses his kinetic and spirutual energy along with his armors concrescent energy to move 50 times faster. Can be used with Zantetsuken and Andoutowarakasshayuikire to cut through even the space time fabric. Eliminates dodging by teleporting since it can cut through dimensions and is 10X faster than the speed of light.

    Omnis Terminus-The forbidden power of the arts, Jace uses all of his spirit energy to fuse with his armor causing a tremendous force increase. Jace then is able to absorb a legendary force called chaos energy into his armor turning it pitch black with demonic qualities. Also turns Arcana into Unholy abyss. A two handed double bladed sword. that is pitch black with a closed eye in the center.Allows Jace to use his final ultimate attack Kurohitsugi.

    Ultimate Attacks
    Final Arcana-one of Jaces ultimate attacks Jace unleashes a Giant Crescent energy wave capable of rending anything in two

    Shenma Seu Sen-Jaces Second ultmiate attack Shoots a Massive beam of light. It can be redirected despite its size,takes time to charge

    Kurohistugi-Jace Summons a black sarcophagus around him and his opponents chocking of all of any sense someone can have. The black sarcophagus is a universe in its own space and time, it can be esaped only by the destruction of its master or a enourmous explosion, there is no other way out. Jace can enter and exit at will and if he wills it he can crush his enemy with the sarcaphagus by compressing it together from the outside.


    Appearance Jace always carries his sword and wears his white armor over his wings. A red cape flows at his back with torn edges.

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Trell Windheart

    Age: 16

    Height: 5ft. 6in.

    Weight: 125lbs.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human/Nekomata

    Hair Color: Brown

    Skin Color: Very light tan

    Eye Color: Dark Blue

    Vision: 20-20

    Handedness: Right

    Birthday: February 28, 1991

    Likes: Manga books, anime, stuffed toys, animals, eating, talking, dancing, etc.

    Dislikes: Killing (when it is unnecesary), when the fridge is out of food, and wearing fancy clothes.

    He has Cat like reflexes and skills.
    He can use runes and draw runes in the air in order to use different elements.
    He transforms into a cat with two tails.

    Weapons: A pair of Japanese fans (like Tamari's fan)

    Occupation: Hunter for hire (prey are usually demons).

    Appearance: Wears tight leather clothes with stitches running all over them, alot of leather belts, a pair of leather boots, a leg band on his right leg, and 3 rune engraved bands on his left arm.

    Side: Good
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Callen Adams
    Hair Color:Blond
    Eye Color:Electric Blue

    Apperance:Wears lose fit blue jeans a Black Tee-shirt and wears a purple vest over it. Has on Black Shoes and purple shoe strings. Wears a cloud headband around his neck, taking it when after killing a cloud ninja.

    Wepon of choice: An Electrical Sword that when touches an apontent, instantly sends a jolt of Electricity through the body


    Handedness: Left

    Bio: Once lived in a famly of half Dragons, Half Humans, untill the goverment found out they were half bloods and killed them all, but Callen escaped. Living alone pondering how to strike back at the goverment. By reading anchent scrolls learnd how to mildly control time.


    Spells: Thundaga, Thunder bolt, Flash, Curgaga, Stop, Speed charm, slow

    Powers: can transform into a dragon, IQ of 190

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Arthur

    Age: Looks to be 23 but is 2300 years old.(only 2 other people know my true age.)

    Race: Cyvex


    Weapon: Bright blade is a long sword. It is able to make light when it is dark. Blood staff only the one how owns it can hold it. If you are not the owner the staff will drain the life out of you. There is a crystal in the middle of the staff and one at the top end. The one in the middle is white. It is able to teleport the user out of harms way once a day. The other one at the top is giving the user a magical enhancer and has a mind of its own.

    Armor: The cape has the magical symbols of the four main elements on it. Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. The cape is used for defense. It is able to combined elements together to make it a lot stronger. Under the cape there is lather armor.

    Abilities: Chain spell; able to cast spells faster and the manna drain isn’t as bad.

    Magic: Darken; with in 50ft everything is dark no light can pass threw.

    Dream; when there is a hint of light this spell won’t work. The worst nightmares will seem to come to life. You will here the cry’s of fallen soldiers form battle.

    Fire ball; Cast a 2ft radius of fire at the enemy.

    Levitate; Able to go 15ft into the air.

    Earth wall; Creates a wall of earth 10ft long, 10ft into the air, and 10ft thick

    Magic missile; Pure magic that is 3ft radius.

    Rain; when cast rain will fall.

    Mist; when raining the mist will burn the skin off.

    Lighting; brings down a bolt of lighting.

    Lighting bolt; shots lighting out of the users fingers.

    Flame; Shots a blast of fire.

    Illusion; makes an image of a best that is attacking you.

    Mind read; when the caster is 10ft of less he is able to cast this spell. After casting there isn’t a limit of how far he can be to do it again on the same person.

    Shadows control; using the spell the caster can’t not move until the shadow reaches the other person. When it hits he is able to move around and the other isn’t able to move at all.

    Earth control; Control all earth properties.

    Water control; Control all water properties.

    Wind control; control all wind properties.

    Fire control; controls all fire properties

    Water shock; shots a ball of water, that when it hits shock’s them.

    Earth dragon; a dragon made of earth come out of the ground and shoots molten rock.

    Earth blast; rocks shoot out of the ground and fly into the air. After that they head towards the enemy

    Shock wave; A strong guest of wind that can knock down buildings made of wood.

    Brightness; creates light form the staff.

    Heal; as long as the staff is in my hands the staff will keep me alive.

    Appearance: Long blonde hair. His Robe and cape is black.

    Side: Evil

    Weakness: If my staff isn't in my hand I will die in 24 hours

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)


    Age: 14

    Race: half demon

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 160 lbs.

    Weapons: daggers, throwing knives ann gauntlets

    elements:cotrols fire and ice

    Side:his own

    Occupation: wonderer

    personality:dorky but when when angry goes animal like

    Background:a wonderer with no home

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