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Thread: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Allrealms Observations (AO) mainframe accessed. Permission granted;
    Select function......
    Data search selected;
    Please enter the word/s to be searched.....ShadowStalker
    Now searching for data on [ShadowStalker];
    Data found;
    ************************************************** **********
    Name: “ShadowStalker”.
    Age: Unknown.
    Race: Unknown. Believed to be human in suit.
    Height: 9"6'.
    Weight: unknown.
    Weapons of Choice: Primary weapon seems to be fear itself, usually terrorizing his target with his aura of fear. The “Soul Shroud” conceals his soul, causing him to disappear from the vision of most radars & creatures/demons reliant on seeing souls to track people. It also makes it hard for motion tracking equipment to get a lock. Additionally, it also coats already black body with a pitch black layer, perfect for hiding in any shadow.
    Melee: Head horns (sudden head butt attack), right forearm mounted electrified blades, knee blades, his tail (with clamping pincers), sword stored within “backpack” region.
    Ranged: Weak fire launched from tubular tongue, creature in left forearm “gauntlet” used to grapple & grab opponents, 2 head mounted needle type launchers, one launching “Flashbang” type rounds, the other a temporarily stunning gas. Subject is also known to throw his sword, only to have it teleport to his hand. NOTE: sword is detectable whils teleporting.
    Spells: appears immune to direct affect spells & psychic powers, due to “Soul Shroud”.
    Allegiance: Unknown, appears good.
    Occupation: Appears to keep events on track, preventing disasters.

    The subject has what appears to be either a shell like exterior or a suit of armour, thought race has yet to be determined. The majority of his body is similar in appearance to the bio-boosted armour of the Guyver, located within the dimention of the same name. His feet though appear to be large version of those found on birds, capable of digging into solid cement. His left gauntlet is enlarged to accomidate a grappler type creature, which works similarly to the launched weapon of the assassin “Scorpion” from the Mortal Kombat universes. His right gauntlet has a pair of blades mounted on it, which swing back to lay against his arm, blades facing out. The subject also possesses a tail roughly 9 feet long, armed with a bony end mounting a pair of pincers capable of lifting a heavily built human.

    The head deserves special attention. It's main features are it’s sunken eyes, 2 long twisting horns, a snout filled with sharp teath, mandibles either side of the snout & several beastial heads sprouting out. These appear to give him allround vision, though his own eyes still provide his main vision. He has a tongue which serves as the nozzle of his inbuilt flamethrower abilities, which is roughly as strong as using a lighter in front of a spray can. He also launches needle type "grenades" from holes beside his eyes. It is belived these are unnatural, as he has been observed launching 5 rounds from either side, followed by a pause as he appears to reload. Pieces of carbon fibre have also been found, in possible clip shapes for such weapons.

    ((Here’s some pics of the model version I’m working on. I’m leaving out the details for Muerte, to prevent it getting too confusing. ShadowStalkerWA/ShadowStalker - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting))

    Subject has been spotted in many dimensions, confirming it is capable of jumping between dimensions without our detection. Why we can detect some of his jumps is still unknown. His behaviour seems to revolve around manipulating event away from epic disasters, as witnessed in dimensions not visited. Though he primarily assists those aligned to good, he has been known to help those aligned to evil, though usually disaster is averted by his actions. He is most often found is city style locations, the tall buildings & deep shadows providing the perfect hiding ground.

    Typically, from what we’ve witnessed, he tends to first attempt to use subtle guiding of the targets, One of the more recient examples being the meeting of Jiin, Trell Windheart & Lyme, first in battle, then as allies. ((I'm sorry if I'm stepping over some line I didn't know about, it's just this little part was inspired by this part of the "One Piece Universe" topic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Waremono, "One Piece Universe" topic View Post
    Trell smiled as the man played the slot machine, "Oh me!? I'm here to...uhm...why am I here?" He looked puzzeled as he scratched his head and walked around in a circle. It is true that he came here for something, but he couldn't remember exactly what it was. It finally struck him, he was searching for someone worthy of his skills in combat.

    If this fails, his next tactic is to use pure terror to get the desired result, taunting, keeping to the shadows & generally keeping the target off balance. If this fails, he then brings his formidable skills into battle. However it is noteworthy that he never takes the fight beyond the capibilities of his opponants. Even when fighting 2 opponants of different skill levels, he keeps his equal to the one he is combating at that moment. This seems to suggest a level of honour. Once the situation has reached an outcome he deems worthy, he then ends it, either by appearing to leave, or by talking to the target.
    ************************************************** **********
    Select function.....
    Add note to file selected;
    Type in note...Not bad. Looks like you've collected the basics about me. You've missed a few things, but we all make mistakes. Keep looking out for me. Oh, & how is your cover site going? Anime Online, isn't it called? I'll see you around...
    Note saved;
    Logging out;
    Have a nice day..........
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Diablo

    Age: 5800 (but looks 17)

    Height: 4ft-9ft (can change size)

    Weight: 100-700 pounds (can change size)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Demon

    Hair Color: Red

    Skin Color: Dark Red (Almost Black)

    Eye Color: Black

    Vision: 20-20

    Handedness: Right

    Birthday: 3793 BC

    Likes: Anime, manga, Food, fighting, gambeling, Video Games, Knives, and food...

    Dislikes: loud noises, cup spills...

    Super strength, pyro (fire starter)

    Weapons: Over sized sword

    Occupation: hitman/bounty hunter

    Appearance:He wears a white t shirt, long black trench coat (wid open at all times), He has two horns on his head which he hides with his fedora, and he wears thick metal boots.

    Side: who ever makes him mad

    Crew: Still searching.

    Name: Mr. Fangs

    Age: 17

    Height: 5ft 6in

    Weight: 194 pounds

    Gender: Male

    Race: Unknown

    Hair Color: black with gray streaks

    Skin Color: tan

    Eye Color: can not see eyes

    Vision: wears dark sun glasses (eyes sensitive to light)

    Handedness: Right

    Birthday: October 31,1989

    Likes: Anime, Metal bands, fighting, Guns, Video Games, Knives, and Girls...

    Dislikes: loud noises, drink spilt...

    Shoots Electrcity and speed

    Weapons: 2 machetees

    Occupation: Student/Chef

    Appearance:He wears a long black trench coat,black pants, black shoes, and a silver chain hangs from his pants. He has giant fangs which can grow and shrink, and he wears black biker gloves.

    Side: Good

    Crew: Still searching.
    Mr. Fangs

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Nel Huxley

    Age: 16

    Race: Wolf Demon

    Hight: 5"5'

    Weight: 120lbs

    Weapons of Choice: Claws, Fangs, Kitana, and Demonic Powers

    Spells: Recover, and Sleep

    Side: Neutral

    Occupation: Wanderer

    Description: Nel has waist long, red hair with dark grey eyes that shine in the moonlight. She has a slim, curved body. She has Razor sharp claws, and strong, deadly fangs.

    Personality: She's rather ambitious and free-willing most of the times, but when irritated or angry Nel's fiesty and fierce. Her sarcasm sometimes gets the better of her. Other than that she's caring, passionate, protecting, and self-less.

    Background: She has lived with her pack her whole life till they abandoned her when they were fighting some demons around there territory. Nel ended up leaving the pack since she always had to do the dirty work, and is now known as a wanderer.

    Known Jobs: Wanderer

    Other Character Info: She keeps a necklace in rememberance of her parents.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Jarion Setter
    Age: 14
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 100lbs
    Spells: None.
    Side: Neutral.
    Occupation: Spy.

    A Detailed Description:
    • Background/History
    A stray homeless kid, Jarion has found his way to survive. Ever since he was about 4 years old, he's lived on his own. His parents didn't love or want him, so they sent him off. He was a disgrace and a mistake. Or atleast that's what they told him every day when they walked by his room. He carries around a small metal baseball bat that feels like a lead pipe. He's gotten quite good with it and ti's saved his life plenty of times. He hasn't gotten to use it much though. He's a spy of sorts. He sneaks to places he needs to get because he'd much rather run past in the shadows than risk his life a fight because he walked through the wrong alley.
    Not knowing his DOB or where he is originally from, he waits for the day when he's old enough to fend for himself or for someone worthy enough to take him in.

    • Known Jobs: Spy, Former Cocaine Dealer, and Former Hitman.
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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Race: half demon
    Spells:speed,controls hooks,able to control air
    Side: evil

    personality:he has a split person ality from when his family got killed.

    backround:he's been in prison sense he was five and has been labeld as a syco path for the reason why he was put prison was for killing thousounds of people.

    know job:escaped prisoner

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    Lightbulb Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Sunn Erwin
    Nickname: Sunshine
    Age: 22
    Race: Plane Touched
    Height: 6”3’
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Spells: Blinding Light, Heal moderate wounds
    Side: Chaotic Good
    Occupation: Waiter

    A Detailed Description:
    • Background/History
    Being Plane touched you are half Human and half Angelic, you have your human parents physical features, so to others you look human. Your Angelic Parent was cast down from the heavens when they found out about your birth, so your parents sent you to a monastery where you learnt the art of combat.
    You can take care of yourself if need be, but you would rather avoid a fight if it possible.

    Character Description:
    You have short cropped Brown hair, Hazel colored eyes and a fair complexion.
    You have a slim build as though you are made for running.
    Nimble hands and quick feet make you good at your job,
    Character clothing:
    Wearing brown pants of oiled leather, riding boots of dire wolf pelt,
    Slim belt, one short sword attached to your belt, black shirt under baked leather armor.
    Character Personality:
    You have a tendency to getting in trouble with the law, You can sweet talk your way out of most situations, but if there is no way you can escape you charge at the aggressor with your sword head on.

    • Known Jobs: Waiter

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    Name: Rose
    Age: 15
    Race: unknown
    Hight: 5ft 9
    Weight:3 stone
    Weapons of choice: a mixture of sords&daggers
    Spells: cure , possion

    Occupation: school

    Description: rose is a 15 year old school girl who was abondond at brith...and
    she dose not know who her family is ...till this day

    Known Jobs: cafe

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    Re: Characters Compendium (post your characters here)

    This thread is not serving it's original purpose so I am closing it for restruturing.

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