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    Crystal of Elements

    Here it is.... read on.... Soldat of Life, sorry I need to revive my RPG... ahehehehehe.....

    Story Line:

    Crystal of Elements!

    A long time ago, the Five Gods of Lais created a Kingdom called Banbutsu*. In the Kingdom, there was an abundance of life in its waters and its lands. The Five Gods brought forth the Human race after creating the plants, animals, and the other races of the kingdom. The Gods of Lais did not wish to be revered by the humans. They preferred to have a simple and harmonious relationship with them. The kingdom of Banbutsu was truly then a world of peace and balance.

    After some time, the Gods of Lais decided to leave for another world. In order to preserve the beauty of the Kingdom, the Gods of Lais handed over the land-revolution method and the core part of the revolution-genesis-gear to the kind race of the Dwarves. At the same time, they also created the Crystal of Gogyou* which able to bring harmony and balance to the Nature’s Elements as well as the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Banbutsu. This Crystal is kept in the sacred room of souls and space. Before five Gods leave, they warned the Dwarves about the power that the Crystal carries within it. If the power inside it is unleashed, it can give a serious destruction. With that, Kingdom of Banbutsu retained its lust even after the departure of the Five Gods.

    However, the Dwarves appointed by the Gods of Lais had difficulty in bringing harmony to all the inhabitants of the kingdom. To help them with the task, the Dwarves need to choose their own ruler in order to put back the original state. They already had chosen who will be the first King. He is King SeiAn that came from the races of the Humans. The new King ruled the whole kingdom with all his power and might. This led the kingdom to gain more power and respect. The king once had a wife. But her queen died while giving birth to their own child (I’ll discuss more on this later).

    This victory of the kingdom continues. Until one night, the whole kingdom is celebrating for their new victory. Many of them are having fun, enjoying the whole night for celebration. In the middle of their celebration, none of them noticed that there is someone already tries to steal the Crystal. One of the palace’s guard patrol to make sure if everything inside the palace is safe. He saw the thief getting away with the crystal, he shoot him with his bow. But instead of giving damage to the thief, he shoot the Crystal which led to its massive explosion. The power inside the Crystal is already unleashed. Like what the five Gods told the Dwarves. The Crystal’s powers are distributed to each one of the inhabitants of the whole kingdom. From there on, all races possessed a strong power within them. Each one of them have the power to control the Elements.

    Conditions you must keep in mind:

    A. In posting a message:

    *In posting a message in the thread, your post must be at least one paragraph long. At least five to seven sentences and your post must be relevant to the topic. If you’re not really certain what should you do inside the RPG read the AO rule for RPGing (for you to remember).

    B. Questions, Comments and Suggestions:

    *if you have some Questions, comments and suggestions, just kindly PM me. I’m an approachable person so you don’t need to worry. In case you wanna make some love teams, add some romance to make the story chill, why not??? Just PM me first so I can see what I can do.

    C. Character Profile:

    I'll give you the character setup... This will be your guide in making your own character's profile. Please avoid making a character that is too powerfull..

    Profile Setup:


    Here, I'll give an example... Its my character's profile actually. You can add more informations in your character's profile if you want.

    Name: Matsutoki Suhada
    Nickname: Toki
    Age: 19
    Element: Dark
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: A Necklace which can summon monsters will be his weapon. He carry a bag which contain his materials in fighting, other than that, its all usual things that you can see everywhere.
    ~Head: Toki had a long white hair. Sometimes it is braided.
    ~Face: He got the calmest eyes ever. And his recent face expression is certainly smiley. For more detailed face, just take a look at my avatar.
    ~Body: His body built is almost slim. He’s also tall about 5’9 in height.
    ~Dress: He used to wear a long white coat. Inside should be a colored blue shirt. He wears long black pants for his bottom.
    Personality: He used to smile always. His also calm(just think of his expression as Fay D. Flourite in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE). He used to spent his time eating. Almost all time, you can see him thinking, and wondering how things are made(but he actually thinks that all things originally came from a Giant Burger which explode million and million of years ago). He really likes food. It’s his obsession.
    Weaknesses: When he sees a food in front of him he turns wild(as if he is possessed by some hungry best). He’ll do anything just to eat that food. Which sometimes tend to be an advantage to his opponents.
    Abilities: He used his Necklace to summon monsters from the monsters world (actually it’s his pets). This monsters have a specific jobs and powers. Sometimes he use them to do his work or just entertain him when his bored. But sometimes he used them to protect him self to his enemies.

    Bio: He is actually the son of king SeiAn. Her mother dies when his still a baby. His father turned him as a real prince. He is well trained; his skills are designed to be a real War mage. When his still a young, about 5 years old. He was taken outside the palace to see if he can survive, he was given to a pair (his false parents) who keep him through this years. His false parents loved him so much as if he came from them. Toki accepts them easily because they treat him as their own child. Their way of living is not that fair; they belong to a poor family. They lived in a small hut near the forest. It is so hard for them to gain money or to sell their raw products (they have a small farm of sheeps) for making clothes. Because they are too far from the city. His father (not his true father) is a farmer. While his mother (who not his true mother also) is a dress maker. Sometimes, when they don’t really have money to buy their own food, together with his father, they go hunting in the forest. In order for them to eat. One day, when Toki went inside the forest, he saw a fox whose right foot is hurt because of a trap. He tries to remove him from there, but he can’t. Because as he move the fox’s foot, the more the trap tighten, which can led into bone fraction. He immediately went home, and then asks for help. Together with his father, they try to remove the fox in the trap. After several minutes, they successfully removed the fox in the trap. Right after they free the fox, the fox shines with a real bright light. The fox talk, “you had a big and helpful heart,” the fox said at Toki, “I give you this as my payment”. The fox turned into a Crystal Necklace which the present weapon of Toki. After several years. He needs to go back where he really belongs. And he also need to leave his false parents, it is so hard for him to accept this. But he needs to accept this for the sake of there own safety.

    D. The rest… Enjoy…

    "Bring salvation to akuma's soul."

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    Re: Crystal of Elements

    How about my RPG??? Ho wants to join???............

    "Bring salvation to akuma's soul."

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