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Thread: Demogorgon “The End” Satushi

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    Demogorgon “The End” Satushi

    Name: Demogorgon “The End” Satushi

    Age: ????

    Rank: Co-Leader Of the Satushi Clan

    Village: The Realms Of Death

    Appearance: Form 1 Human
    Skeletal wings span of 12’ which are made from his Kekkei Genkai : Shikotsumyaku
    Wearing a black and pink kimono with skulls representing each soul he captured.
    Twin Sword: True Dragon Sword & The Blade Of The Archfiend
    Blood Scythe & Spear Of Destruction

    Form 2 Demon
    All That’s Known About This Form Is On His Right Hand Is A Orange Chain Powers Manipulation Of Fire And On his Left Hand A Blue Chain Powers Manipulation Of Water
    Has A Female Companion Whom He can Summon To The Field
    Axe Of Despair In His Left Hand

    Form 3 Dragon
    Scaly Skin Tough As Adamantium
    Four Arms Each Containing Its Own Special Ability : Top Right-Fire/Top Left-Water/Bottom Right-Earth/Bottom Left-Air
    Wing Span Of 20’
    Tail Span Of 30’
    Talons 12’ Long

    Born into this world an orphan named David Drake, his parents abandoned him at birth, but he was told they were killed in a car accident. One day on his way to school a man offered him a better life but at an Extreme Cost thinking that he had nothing else to lose he agreed to it.
    The man took him to an abandoned house, when they reach this dark room the man told to him go in. He entered cautiously the man followed David in and started mumbling words then WHOOSH they was standng in what looked to be a Washitsu(Japanese Room). David turned and ask the man what just happened. he told him they just teleported to another Realm. David had a lot of question to be answered so they talked for about an hour before the man said they had to go. They went to his home and sleep for the night.
    The next morning the man told him that he would never see his family again, but David didn,t care he told him that he didn’t have any family to miss. So they begin to train David still had not found out who and what his story was so he asked him and the man told him. "My name is Ryu Hayabusa Of The Hayabusa Clan/Dragon Lineage And I Came Back in time to get you because in my world you become a powerful tyrant and destroy all Life as you know it" "Why not just kill me wouldn’t that be much easier""Yes but that’s not my way of ninja".
    Forged a Dual Weapon Blood Scythe & Spear of Destruction.
    So they continued to train And David became more and more powerful but the more power he got the more he wanted and in his mind the only more powerful than him is his master, Ryu. So one day during training he challenged his master to a sparring match and when Ryu was down cut his head off and claim The Blade of the Archfiend & True Dragon Sword as his own.

    And Now He is alone in the Realm Of Death Waiting, Searching For More Power.He Goes By DemoGorgon Meaning ‘The Supreme Being’

    Clan: Satushi Clan

    Eight Trigrams Three-Hundred-Sixty-One Palms - Naruto Wiki - Narutopedia
    Summoning: Impure World Resurrection - Naruto Wiki - Narutopedia
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    1st form
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    2nd form

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