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Thread: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(character templates)

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    Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(character templates)

    I am still waiting for this to get up and running, So I guess I must post my character again.

    “Not again……the universe annoys me because there are too many people with god-like complexes”

    Name: Sunn

    Age: 22

    Persona: Calm to all people that Sunn meets, his upbringing has taught him the value of patience. He has to rationally think his moves through before even attempting a move, even when angered he keeps a cool head. When not in a battle, he might seem like he is scatterbrained, but this is to lure you into a false sense of security.

    Appearance: Sunn has dark blue hair, a slim build and is quite handsome. He wears a trench coat made of leather where ever he goes, loose fitted shirts and rugged jeans, a bandana and never wears jewellery

    Homeland: Planet Designation 994 *AKA Acos*, recently relocated to Earth.

    Race: Half Human, Half Acosian.

    History: After being born on Earth Sunn’s father took him in his arms and left for his home planet, being the only Half Acosian on Acos, Sunn was trained by his father; a formidable opponent to any one, Sunn has been training since the age of three,
    After each sparring session with his father, Gangol would talk about Sunn’s dreams to leave Acos, but Sunn would just say to his father that it is for the best. During one particular training session Sunn slipped off of a mountain, Gangol seeing this ran to the aid of his son, only to find him at the bottom of the gorge unharmed. That was the day that Sunn learned of his special ability, the ability to transform to Alter-Saiyan.

    Many years passed from that fateful day and Sunn has achieved much in the years,
    Being able to ascend to the highest power of Alter-Saiyan, He easily defeated his father to become the protector of Acos. After achieving the title of realm protector from the High Council, Sunn set out to join his mother on the planet Earth, as all Acosians leave the planet to learn other skills from planets, at the age of 25, being realm protector granted Sunn the privilege of leaving the planet 3 years ahead of time.

    After arriving on Earth, Sunn set out to find his mother. All he had to go on is one photograph, of when his mother was younger. Sunn traveled to the last known address only to find the city is in ruins. Sunn discovers that the city was destroyed by a recent event, and only one person is to blame….the descendant of Krios. In his anger Sunn flies off to a mountain range where at the top of his voice shouts “I WILL NOT REST UNTIL EVERYONE OF KRIOS’S LINE IS WIPED OUT”

    Alter-Saiyan: Sunn’s appearance differs slightly too how he looks normally, his muscles bulge slightly giving off the appearance of a stronger fighter. His hair spikes backwards, in a swoop effect, while the color of his hair changes to light blue. His speed increases 10 fold and so does his power. His aura is that of a true Saiyan, bright yellow.

    Alter-Saiyan 2: Sunn’s appearance again changes in this form; his hair goes from a swoop effect to a much more dominant spike look of a true Saiyan, again his hair changes color from light blue to silver with a bluish tinge. His clothes rip from his body only to be replaced with dark blue fur, his power and speed again raise, but so does his intelligence.
    Being able to out think his opponent. His aura changes from bright yellow to dark blood red.

    Alter-Saiyan 3: Sunn’s look goes from dominant Saiyan to heavenly being in this transformation, he grows wings that resemble those of an angel, his hair stays like in A-S 2 but goes from silver with blue to a pale gold. Although this transformation only lasts for 30 minutes, Sunn’s strength, and speed increase exponentially, his intelligence increases and he can out think his opponent to the point that it looks like he can read minds. His aura changes from dark red to brilliant silver in this transformation.


    Ki Sword: Sunn charges his right hand full of ki to use this attack, after sufficient ki has been collected; Sunn forces it to take the form of a blue sword that is attached to his hand. This attack can cleanly cut concrete in two.

    Tri Blast: This attack is created by Sunn throwing three yellow Ki blobs at his opponent; the blobs assemble around and split into smaller forms, these smaller blobs than hit the opponent from three different sides.

    Energy Claws: This technique creates three claws on either hand of Sunn, to create the red claws Sunn builds ki by crossing his arms and clenching hi fists; in the movement of getting ready the claws are formed in place.

    Sonic ring: this attack is black in color, and traps the opponent in a sonic wave that is generated from the ring, to form this attack Sunn jumps and creates a circle with his hands near his chest, while charging his ki. This technique is for defense only.

    Shattered Image: This attack creates a split image of Sunn to fool his opponent, ki is charged within Sunn’s own body, then Sunn moves his hands to the top of his head and grips the scalp, pulling down to create the image. While Sunn is charging for this technique there is a faint gold aura around him.

    Ultimate Techniques:

    Ki Dance: To collect the ki needed for this attack Sunn spins rapidly on the spot, when the ki is collected jumps and charges straight towards his opponent. As Sunn is charging towards his opponent Sunn releases this silver ki beam that hits the person on the receiving end, detonation only takes place 20 seconds later. The opponent is thrown back by the blast, Sunn then launches Ki blobs towards the downed person, and this attack causes servere damage to his opponent.

    Atomic Beat: Sunn charges this attack in the same manner as his ki sword, but does not force the ki to become a sword. After the ki is collected, Sunn forms a ball in his right hand. He teleports from place to place firing violet colored blasts of ki at his opponent.
    The first blast is always from the top to insure that the opponent is disorientated for the rest of the attack.

    Spirit Beam: Sunn gathers the ki needed for this attack in the same means as the spirit bomb, and then he concentrates to form the ball in to his hands. After taking the Kamehaha position, Sunn fires this green beam towards his enemy, the power of this attack rips the ground in two and creates earthquakes that are felt for 20 miles from the battle site, if this attack is to miss the entire planet is destroyed in a flash of brilliant green. This is Sunn’s strongest attack and can only be used in the third A-S form.

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    Well, I've finished writing up my character's info. I think I better spread it out across 2 posts too, though I don't like doing so. As for which side he's on, I'll let you work it out...

    Not again.........this universe annoys me because no matter what my friends or I do, it just won’t stay saved…

    United Earth Police Force head office, Cairo Egypt
    Interrogation report, Unknown human male in relation to the event surrounding the destruction of the planet “Namek 4”.

    Claims his name is Daniel Castigator. Usually goes by Castigator, though he did mention he’s OK with “Gator”.

    Age: Unknown, appears around mid 20s, though often refers to events & people in the distant past as if they happened recently.

    Persona: Not much is know about the man known as Castigator. Personality wise, he’s normally a pretty easy going guy, though he’s not beyond a cheesy joke or 2 every now & again. If the situation call though, he can go from nice to deadly serious in an instant. Can tend to talk about people who died centuries ago as if he knew them personally.

    Appearance: He stands about 180 cm tall, with brown hair & eyes. He typically has a few days stubble on his face, while his black jeans, shirt & steel capped boots give him a very casual appearance. His hair is about average length & messy, as if it’s not brushed very often. Has a large scar on his left elbow roughly in the shape of a T, and a much smaller one above the left end of his lip. He also has a sword in a scabbard on his back when in hostile situations.

    Homeland: Claims to be from Earth. No records of his existence have been found. He responds to this by saying “That’s what happens when you’re destined to forever live in the shadows of history, passing from one reality to another.”

    Race: Appears human, though claims to travel across the dimensions & has been caught on tape in the lethal 0 pressure environment of space. He claims to have a unique body composition, though we were unable to either confirm or deny this as we were unable to collect a DNA sample for some unknown reason. He claimed this was due to his physiology too.

    Weapons: He has been recorded with a sword in a scabbard. As he is yet to draw it in our sight, we do not know what the sword. ((It’s actually has a light, silvery, average width blade, with the words “DEI CASTIGATOR” & IMPERATOR REX” written on either side of the blade. The golden handle is long enough for both hands to grip it comfortably, with jewel like objects embedded either side of the guard & at the end, each the exact colour of the blade. despite it's looks, it has an keen blade & is a lot stronger than you would think.))
    ((I’m actually curious as to whether anyone can work out what sword I’ve based it off. The letters GW are the only clue I’ll give.))

    Alter Saiyan Form: Does not appear to have a Alter Saiyan form, though he fights just as strong as any Alter Saiyan form user. He has mentioned he has a second body, which he can change to at any time & is also even stronger, but claims it’s too dangerous to use unless necessary. He tends to say something about attracting unwanted attention when asked about it.

    These are the techniques he claims to be capable of, & how he described them.
    Standard Techniques-

    1 - Goku’s Kamehameha Wave. – recreates the movements Goku taught to his family perfectly. ((I can describe it better if need be.))

    2 - Goku’s Instant Transmition – Though he says Goku had to put his extended pointer & middle fingers against his forehead, he claims he just has to blink. He goes on to mention he’s not a big fan of it, saying it creates too big a “ripple”, which might attract unwanted attention. Castigator was reluctant to further explain what he means by “unwanted attention”.

    3 - Krillin’s Rapid Fire Destructo Disks – Developed too late to be used in any real battles, he claims to use it anyway in honour of his friend. Holding out his left hand, he creates small balls of energy in his palm, stacking them on top of each other. Swinging his right hand over his left, the top ball sticks to it & starts spinning, launching itself as a fully functioning Destructo Disk, cutting through anything in it’s way. Without missing a beat, he then swings his hand back around, launching up to 10 attacks at once.

    4 - Goten’s & Trunk’s Energy Clones – While their version were spat out & took on a ghostly appearance, Castigator’s version apparently are created the same way as an energy ball, it’s appearance an exact match for it’s creator. They’re also apparently capable of combat in their own right, fully capable of recreating all but the sword & ultimate techniques, only dispelling once their either taken to much damage, been dispelled, or are detonated. Apparently Castigator has full communication with them the whole time.

    5 – Lightning Blast – Extending the pointer & middle fingers on both hands, he grabs the pointing fingers of his left hand with his right & aims both at the sky at chest level. Chanting an ancient Japanese verse, the words appearing in front of him as he says them, he then points his still linked hands at his target, at which point lightning strikes his hands from nowhere, then fires directly towards the target. This attack both damages & possibly stuns the target, giving him several seconds of time.

    6 – Telekinesis – Aiming his hand at the target, he reaches out with his mind, moving the object as if his hand actually was wrapped around it. Can also be used to knock things around, though this isn’t as effective as actual direct contact.

    7 – Shared Visions – This is what he claims to have used on his supervisor back on Namek 4. looking directly into the target’s eyes, he claims he reaches into their mind & either shows them what he wants them to see, implanting it into their minds, or digs up something from their memories. Showing them the visions of his choice, he then breaks it off once satisfied, the whole thing never taking more than a second, though the target can be left stunned for a while later. He claims he typically removes the visions he implants, especially the more disturbing ones, though there’s not much he can do about those already in their minds.

    8 – His Sword – Not so much an energy attack, he never the less felt it worth mentioning. Apparently his sword is a rather dangerous weapon, seemingly having a life of it’s own. Though he claims to be a highly competent swordsman, he can also throw the sword with deadly accuracy, often pinning his target to an object. The sword then summons up a huge amount of electrical energy, shocking the target until the somehow escape or it’s summoned back to Castigator, at which point it actually teleports directly into his hand.

    Ultimate Techniques-

    1 - Soul Summon, All Saiyans, Kamehameha Soul Bomb – claiming to fuse Goku’s 2 most powerful attacks, he claims he summons the spirits of all the legendary warriors who were taught the Kamehameha Wave, having them appear around him, all helping to create an ultra powerful Kamehameha Wave which traps the enemy inside. Meanwhile, in the centre of the beam’s starting point, the Soul Bomb is formed, glowing brighter instead of increasing in size. Once charged enough, it is released towards the enemy, protected by the Kamehameha Wave beam, hitting the target with full force.

    2 – Exturminadis Blast – Pointing his open hand towards the target planet / person, or raising his hand if actually on the planet, he sends out an insane barrage of energy blasts, completely scouring the surface of the planet clean, typically while being careful not to actually destroy the planet itself. If a person is the target, it hammers them with a constant stream of energy blasts, each capable of immense damage.

    3 – Dimensional Slasher – ((NOTE: This is a definite, unavoidable kill move, so I don’t plan on using it. I do however like to have it available, just in case the situation allows special permission to do so.)) drawing his sword, he charges towards the enemy, only to disappear meters from impact, in fact jumping into another dimension. After a couple of seconds of confusion, a blur flashes past as he slips back into the original dimension just enough to attack unexpectedly, cutting deep as he does so, then disappears again. He then streaks past again, cutting deep into the victim before disappearing. This continues at a increasing rate until it seems like he’s hitting from all directions at once, at which point he ends the move by slamming the sword into the enemies head & down their body, typically saying one last comment, then destroying their entire existence.

    He claims he occasionally changes these techniques depending on the situation. He also claims to have trained with the legendary warriors Trunks, Gohan, Goten, Vegita, Krillin, even Goku himself, with several of his techniques seemingly confirming this. When asked why he didn’t mention Hercule, he just laughed, referring to the one history tells us destroyed Cell & many other villains single handedly as “That weak old coward?”. Interview was temporarily put on hold as the Sergeant started getting worked up, being related to the mighty warrior himself.

    Report continued in part 2.

    I hate it when I have to do things this way...
    Report part 2

    *The following footage was transmitted shortly before the planets destruction, due to both the subject’s unusual behavior & the unusual behavior he appears to cause later on, as part of a further background check.*

    Planet Namek 4, soon before it’s destruction.

    “HEY!! NOOB!! You better be watching those refueling hose links!!”

    “Like the future depends on it!!”

    “Ummmm, yeeeeeaaaah. Just remember I’m watching you Noob!!”

    Giving the new recruit a sideways look, the refueling supervisor turned back at the fuel pump. The new recruit had just started today, this was his first go on the cherry picker connecting the hoses to the shuttle, yet he seemed to be doing it rather well, faster than most of the veterans. Including the supervisor, which annoyed him greatly.

    Suddenly, the pump’s engine conked out, spluttering then dieing. Grumbling, the supervisor slammed his fist into the top of the thing a couple of times, then opened the computer terminal on it when that failed. Watching the diagnostics do their thing, he cursed out loud when the problem turned out to be a blown part.

    “Damn, this part just had to go! That’ll take a week to get here, till then we don’t have a thing to do! Refuel crew B will have to take our work too! DAMN!!”

    “Mind if I have a look sir?”

    Before the supervisor could respond, the new guy had jumped over the safety cage on his cherry picker, slid down it’s arm, landing in between the supervisor & the terminal. Looking at the problem, he suddenly felt droplets of wet stuff on the back of his neck, as the rest of the crew stopped getting ready to remove the hoses as someone dared to defy the egotistical & all knowing supervisor.


    Ignoring the supervisor, the new guy opened a few panels & started tinkering with the machinery. This only angered the supervisor more. All the rest of the crew could do was watch as the new guy defied the man who considered himself god.

    “This is easy to fix…”


    The supervisor’s rants were cut short by the sound of the motor roaring back to life. Closing the panels, the new recruit stood up & dusted off his hands.

    “See, told ya.”

    Climbing up the arm of his cherry picker, he finished refueling, watching a young lady in the airport lobby out of the corner of his eye. She was rather good looking, with pink hair & wearing casual clothing. She was looking at the shuttle occasionally, indicating she was more than likely getting on this flight.

    “Don’t want you to miss your flight…”

    Finishing up, he watched the passengers board, including the pink haired lady. As the shuttle took off for it’s long flight to Earth, the new guy was suddenly blasted with words so loud & angry they weren’t even understandable. The supervisors face was as red as his blood, spit flying from his mouth, the words noob, upstart & showoff coming up repeatedly. The new guy just calmly turned to face him, the look in his eyes silencing him in a instant. He started into the supervisor’s eyes for a couple of seconds, then walked away, the supervisor standing like a statue for a few minutes after. When he came to, the supervisor walked over to the phone, calling his family to tell them he loved them all greatly, even though he never really showed it.

    *end of footage.*

    *this next part is taken from the on board cameras mounted on the shuttle for assessing damage while in transit. The relevant screen in the cockpit was malfunctioning, preventing the pilots from seeing it, however the recording equipment was working perfectly fine.*

    A couple of hours later, a chunk of the planet Namek 4 exploded. The shockwave from the explosion was racing towards the shuttle the pink haired lady was in at high speed, with enough power to destroy it instantly. Suddenly, a figure appeared on top of the shuttle, arm pointing towards the oncoming shockwave. Still wearing his navy coloured overalls, but this time with his sword in it’s scabbard on his back, the new recruit fired an energy blast at the shockwave, weakening in enough to only shake the shuttle up a bit, doing no damage.

    Seconds later, the planet fully exploded, pieces flying in all directions, with one of the larger pieces started flying towards the shuttle. Reaching out as if he’s grabbing it, he swung his arm to the side, the piece following his movements. This didn’t go unnoticed by the one responsible for the planets destruction though, as he sent an energy blast to finish the chunk off. As it blasted into a million parts, the new recruit dropped his hand onto the shuttle, which started glowing for those trained up & focused enough to see it. Watching the shrapnel pass harmlessly past & around, the pieces that were more on target moving around the shuttle instead, he lifted his hand off the ship. He then seems to be meditating, as if to sense the condition of the passengers & crew inside, which seems to relieve him a fair bit. Appearing to sense the one responsible turn his attention in another direction, indicated by him snapping his head in the direction the planet once was in, he relaxes further.

    *He then goes on to remain on top of the shuttle for the entire length of the flight. Once Earth orbit was reached, he actually faces the camera & gives a double thumbs up, allowing us to identify his scars & facial features. He is then seen kicking off towards the planet, at which point the cameras loose him. Someone fitting his description perfectly was picked up several days later in Perth, Australia, walking around commenting on how no matter how things change, the people of WA are still the friendly people they always were. He was then flown to Head Office for full interrogation.*

    *Subject later escapes via unknown means, which seems to confirm the "instant transmission" claim. The subject thanked us for the accommodations, mentioned the food isn't as bad as rumored, then just disappeared. We are continuing the search worldwide. This guy knows something about what's going on, that's for certain.*

    End of Report.

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    Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(character templates)

    To avoid further confusion, this is a thread solely for character templates, and the like. After Pm from me, post your approved template for in this thread. For the actual rp thread, go here

    Lastly click here for the OOC thread for discussions pertaining to the flow of the rp, or for battles.

    My template

    Not again.........the universe annoys me because there are far too many fools that seek power, for all the wrong reasons."
    Name: Momoouka(Momo) Jouen

    Age: 24

    Persona: Momo can a bright and cheerful woman, but can sometimes show a darker, almost scary side when provoked, and often hides her emotions when she is suffering, but it seems at times as though she has a dual personality as well. She is sublime and proud, but at the same time is very humble when faced with tasks that she might be praised for. Due to her upbringing, she was taught to be quiet and controlled, and can seem cold. In actuality though, she merely represses her feminine side, mostly demonstrated by her love of cute things..............

    Appearance: Momo is is simple words very beautiful, but she choose not to wear overly revealing clothing, and keeps her attire nice and simple, choosing to wear a skirt, or plain jeans. She sometimes keeps her hair in a ponytail.

    Homeland: Namek 4, moved to Earth

    Race: Human????

    History: Years ago, during the onslaught when Ereon wiped out most of his family, his rage, and madness got the most of him, and during this time, his sister pregnant sister Yulia was able to escape with the help of her husband. Her husband was killed in the process, but she made it to Namek 4 where mere days later, she gave birth to a daughter; whom she named Momoouka after her husbands favorite thing to look at. She was a very sickly and frail woman, and was near death after giving birth, but knew that there was a chance her brother would still be crazed and come after her, and she wanted Momo to live. Because of this, she requested that Momo be put into stasis, and with her request granted by a Namek elder, she died in peace. A century went by...........

    Rules pertaining to the justice of human life, and stasis regulations only allowed for a human to be in stasis for up to 95 years, and already, Momo had five extra years, so she was removed, and ended up being adopted. Her adoptive parents cared for her very much, but as she grew up, Momo was kept under strict guidance, and trained to be a warrior, but her personality was too much to contain, and she became both upbeat and trained to the limit for fighting, as to protect her home if needed. At the age of 14, during a match with her "father", she was knocked through a wall, and thinking that he'd severely injured his "daughter", no time was wasted going to her aide. Surprisingly Ferenda was knocked back, and his daughter was standing with a yellow aura surrounding her body, her pink hair now mostly blond. Momo had unlocked her Alter Saiyan ability.

    (more history later)
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    Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(character templates)

    “Not again……the universe annoys me because there are too many people with god-like complexes”..."I need a drink"

    Name: Ramune Teldara

    Age: 35

    Persona: A quiet Shaolin monk, Ramune is soft spoken and eternally calm on the outside. But get some alcohol in him and this normaly quiet monk becomes something else. Not used to intoxication he becomes violent and loud.

    Appearance: A good sized person for a monk, he is 5’8” bald with 6 red dots on his forehead, two vertical rows of 3. no distinguishing marks on his body except for a full back tattoo of Budda. buddhist orange robes, white pants, sandels, and a clay jug of wine. along with various other drinks...

    Homeland: Zen 562 (moved to earth to be close to Buddha, and better quality alcohol)

    Race: Human

    History: A Monk from a great Buddhist temple on Zen 562 he lead a tranquil life studying the ways of the Shaolin monks. He was raised since an infant to be a shaolin monk, and excelled in all his studies. Harnessing his Chi to a higher level than that of his fellow students and even a few teachers, he would become very powerful.
    His peaceful world was shattered when he was tasked to retrieve some supplies from the local Spaceport. Living a sheltered life, he was lost to the shear size of the city, let alone the spaceport. He had found the location given to him by one of the other monks. The shop worker was getting off his shift and asked Ramen if he wanted a drink. Thinking of only tea or water, he followed that man to the bar next door. A tall glass of Sake was served. After the smoke cleared, all that was left were a few walls and a lot of hurt people. Ramen in a drunken rage destroyed the place and put 28 people in the hospital. Worse was that he used his powers to attack others, and was expelled from the temple.
    Sober and sorry, he once again entered the city. He found transportation off the planet. Going from port to port he started to gamble on fights for his cash. Often betting on himself, most couldn’t resist betting against the quiet and soft spoken monk. They learned their mistake only after he took a long drink from the wine bottle hidden in his sash. He left a trail of destruction and found his way to earth. The original home of the Shaolin monks…he now searches for the dragon balls to help return him to the temple and his old tranquil life style and away from the discovery of alcohol

    Has to be drunk to achieve his alter form

    Alter Saiyan – with no hair on his head, you will never see it spike up. But the Dots on his forehead will start to glow, the 2 lowest ones are his first level. His aura takes on a yellow glow. He can take a lot of abuse in this form, his defense is increased by a factor of 10

    Alter Saiyan 2- four dots are alight in unnatural glowing energy. His aura burns blue as his body starts to change. His normal orange robe disappears, showing his harden body. His reactions and strength are increased by a factor of 10 and gains limited flight by directing his Chi energy force. Flight is a huge power drain to his system, so he will more likely throw himself in the air and try skipping to stay aloft and save energy.

    Alter Saiyan 3- After a deep meditation and help from a stiff drink. All six dots on his head are aglow and his aura is charged a brilliant Green. He gets bigger over all, height now 7’10”. His Chi force is maxed at this level, and he can fly effortlessly. He can withstand even more damage and do more damage. Additional 50% increase over his boosted levels. This higher level is hard on the body and soul, limited time, and he will most likely be asleep afterwards…

    Techniques- in his more drunken self, his moved change from that of a drunken master to text book shaolin moves…

    1. Drunken tornado: his crazy drunken moves are impossible to track. Suddenly he starts a whirling attack, and a spinning tornado of Chi energy shoots out. Hitting its target and spinning them and throwing them across the terrain.

    2. Buddhist Palm: concentrating his energy in the palm of his hand, it can be aimed and directed. Causes crushing damage. I will carry the opponent in front of the wave of chi energy, and will keep going until it hits something a wall, a building, another person, a mountain…where you get smushed between the palm and the object.

    3. Ying yang bolt: He concentrates 2 balls of chi, a light and dark energy. As they grow in strength he combines them into one spinning bolt and releases it towards the target. Causes piercing damage and pressure damage

    4. Double shot: Concentrating his Chi in his fist, a energy projection extending a foot off of each hand. He goes in for a 1-2 punch. Each hit will tear through the target like they were made of paper. If they both connect the damage is doubled beyond the two hits landed…

    5. Inner Zen: starting a chant. He projects his Chi energy into a shield, impervious to most attacks…

    6. Drunken Trance: moving in a hypnotic way, he projects his chi to encase his opponent and stop their movements and defenses. It last for only 30 seconds…it can be defected, but not stoped…and that’s a 50/50 chance…

    7. Tranquil hammer: Summoning his Chi energy into a giant hammer, to smash all in his path. High kinetic impact damage. Also can be used to deflect strong attacks.

    8. Soul dash: turning his Chi to produce speed, he can gain incredible acceleration for a limited duration. Top speed unknown…

    Ultimate Techniques- (Attacks that consume a lot of energy and power. They are usually much more powerful than a normal technique, and will no doubt cause massive destruction. 4 are allowed)

    1. Buddist strike: Leaping high up into the air, he concentrates his all his energy into an image of Buddha and cast it down on top of his target. This attack will break the earth itself in its sheer energy, leaving a glowing crater in its aftermath.

    2. Soul storm: summoning his energy, a barrage of bolts are cast from his flurry of movements. A storm of energy bolts comes down upon the target like a storm, probing for weakness…

    3. Ying: cast a null field completely around the caster. No attacks can enter or leave the field. This will nullify all attacks immediately around the caster…sphere of influence 5 meters…

    4. Yang: cast a constant energy wave completely around the caster…Sphere of influence 5 meters…it will annilate all that it touches with the force of the sun…you could tunnel through a planet like this…
    Don't Panic

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    Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou(character templates)

    Hmmm, just noticed this bit didn't get transfered, so I thought I better do it. It is part of his profile after all. At least I'm not double posting this time.

    The first part is his last ultimate "attack", while the second is a quick description of his other form...

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel219 View Post
    4 - Angel's Embrace - The subject clams this doesn't use a great deal of power, but deserves the title of Ultimate Technique for it's defensive abilities. He didn't go into great detail, but mentioned he can only use it when in his second form, requiring something he only has once transformed, and that he can only use it when defending another person typically in the path of an attack. When asked, Castigator replied that it can only be used when defending someone else is because it is his duty. The Sergeant then asked him if he was defending the people of Namek 4 when it blew, but he only replied "We all have our part to play in history. Since one player was removed, I'm just taking his place."

    As for his other body, he can change into a more combat ready form, in a similar way to Frieza & Cell, except he can change back at any time. He claims that once transformed, his muscles are larger, he's noticeably taller, & his voice deepens. He started mentioning another detail, but stopped, saying, and I quote, "Mate *chuckle*, you wouldn't believe it if I told ya. I can see it in your eyes...".
    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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